4 Ways To Overcome Not Being Good Enough - Neeta Bhushan

4 Ways To Overcome Not Being Good Enough

Hey there folks, it’s been a while, and I’m back!

I’ve had some much needed decompression and processing with 3 monumental life changes in 2015 and finally (yes!) I scheduled out some proper time to reflect and am now ready to share what I was really going through.

It’s a 5 minute read, and of course some helpful tips so that you can overcome not being good enough as leaders- because when is it ever enough? More importantly, how to catch yourself and realize you are doing the best you can.

Selling my business, retiring from my career as a dentist, and essentially being a nomad for most of last year were some of the biggest risks most people don’t take in their entire lives, let alone in one year.

Definitely realized that from one extreme to the other I was wanting to be greater than I am, instead of simply appreciating the moment.

OH MY, I had the privilege of selling my business, and had this extraordinary experience of speaking, sharing and telling my story. But, i wanted to be elsewhere. I wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t enough that I was getting my very FIRST few keynotes to large audiences to inspire young women.

It wasn’t enough that I was attracting some of the brightest entrepreneurs from the other side of the world interested in my transformation of CEOs through emotional empowerment and inner mastery.

It wasn’t enough that through my vulnerabilities, my openness in sharing my life lessons to spark transformation in others and cause a full shift and elevate their minds to a brand new perspective of problem solving and thinking.

To create courses around emotional intelligence, and have the flexibility to expound on some of the many subjects that interested me around human development.

Instead of celebrating the new ’time’ i had for the VERY first time in my life, I kept allowing more into my life. So more and more opportunities piled up, and intstead of celebration, and gratitude it became the pursuit of chase. Chasing the never ending deadlines, timelines, complete inner havoc that ensued within the core of my mind and even my gut.

Developed a ton of digestive problems as a way for my body to scream and shout at me pleading ‘you wanted to take that break, but you are doing it again’. When will you breathe? When will finally focus on you? When will it finally be enough? And ultimately, why isn’t this enough, right now?

So, here I offer 4 solutions:

  • Please celebrate your wins. Shout- out 3 BIG wins every single day.
  • Look at the big picture, and self-check once a week (is this what you want to be doing, and why?)
  • How are you adding value to the world (even the smallest ripple effect, or gesture of kindness is phenomenal to someone else).
  • Just do it anyway. Release it, send it, post it, write it, create it- if it fuels your drive and passion- it deserves to be shared no matter what.

Would love your thoughts, please share, forward, comment if any of this resonates. You are a work in progress. Enjoy the journey.