5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have an Emotional Routine - Neeta Bhushan

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have an Emotional Routine

Starting to make tabs of what your optimal emotional health will look like in 2017?
You’ve got the diet down, possibly an awesome workout regimen in place, so what about your emotional routine?

Here’s a list of why you should have an emotional routine:

1. Decisions. You either procrastinate, worry about the judgement of others (include your favorite parent, boss, loved one, friends name here), or can’t make up your mind causing paralyzing stress and unwarranted anxiety.

2. Pressure. Putting enormous pressure to achieve, and tying this to self-worth. It can be quite limiting with the projects that you choose- only doing things for the sake of “pleasing others and not yourself.”

3. Fear. Being deathly afraid of failing, making mistakes, taking leaps. Totally preventing you from achieving incredible potential (seeing what’s on the other end of that horizon!). Failure and giving yourself permission to suck- is, in fact, a good thing!

4. Risk-averse. Playing it safe. Because when you are in control, and play by the rules book you know what the outcomes are. With uncertainty, when we surrender and allow situations, people, ideas, and experiences to unfold in our lives it may just be when the most transformational and creative aspects of us come alive…

5. Expectations. Because we have to fit in this “box” generally we live into the expectations of what society, family pressure, friends, our significant other wants us to be, act, perform. We then don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to expand and celebrate our uniqueness and get to know our truest selves- which is the absolute secret sauce to radiating at the pinnacle of who we are meant to be.

Make 2017 about self-love. Ladies, it’s time we start to think about ways to feel BOUNDLESS!