5 Ways To Build Stronger Relationships - Neeta Bhushan

5 Ways To Build Stronger Relationships

Emotional Intelligence is not widely discussed, or talked about. Yet the measure of our emotional resilience and our internal strength is measured by our EQ ladies and gents, not our IQ. Understanding emotional intelligence will help you build stronger personal and professional relationships.

Here are 5 key pointers as to why EQ and building your emotional grit, as Dr. Neeta Bhushan mentions in her debut book Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, and change your world are the secrets to relationship success.

1. Set time to reflect on what type of relationship you desire. You are they, what types of activities are you doing together. List some examples of healthy relationships, especially if it’s a love relationship.

2. Let it go. So often in relationships your boss says things, your significant other sets off a trigger that may cascade into a slew of repeated behavior patterns that may make you cringe. Choose your battles. Evoke empathy and compassion for those around you. It’s known that we tend to lose our cool for those closest to us.

3. Balance. How often are you saying NO. Yes, that means protecting your time wisely, so that you are practicing discernment on who and what type of company you wish to keep. Yes, let’s think back to what your mother told you growing up. We only have 24 hours in the day. So in order to nurture and cultivate deep relationships, practice saying NO to things and people that don’t carry the same values as you.

4. Put the ego to the side. Let’s face it. Mistakes will be made. Our ego can definitely ‘win’ at times. Do you always need to be right? Always need to have the last word? There will be many relationship challenges, ups, downs, its the journey of life. But every single day you have an opportunity to practice patience, and self-compassion and knowing you are doing the best that you can. Do this: practice the art of listening, and become a better question asker. The more inquisitive you are is essentially one of the secrets to high EQ as well as becoming a better partner.

5. Celebrate your flaws. This is what essentially makes you human. The more you celebrate your human-ness and share this unapologetically with the world, the easier it is for the ones in your inner circle (work community, networks, close friends) appreciate this as well. Guess what, the world needs more of this too. So go out, and be more vulnerable in your relationship!