So, how about those goals? 5 ways to ensure you are committing - Neeta Bhushan

So, how about those goals? 5 ways to ensure you are committing

Yes, we are more than halfway through the first quarter of the year!

How do those goals look? Have you thrown in the towel? I’ve got five super easy and highly effective ways for you to create an extraordinary 2016.

I’ve been doing this practice for the past four years now and each time I’ve not only committed to achieving every single goal listed, but I’ve surpassed those goals by more than half!

Here’s the secret sauce to help you achieve your absolute best this year — and NO it’s not too late.

  1. Select three words to define your 2016. These should be themes in your life. For instance, 2015 for me was all about growth, exploration, and spontaneity. I sold my first business, moved to the west coast, and visited 15 countries, among other milestones What do you want to focus on?
  2. Identify three goals in certain areas of your life that you wish to accomplish, whether that’s career, personal, health, love, relationship, or financial. Be specific. For instance, if you want to get a new job, what are three things under career that you can list to support you in your pursuit? The more clarity the better!
  3. Now, implement your strategy. Take out your journal or poster board or Evernote. Break everything down by quarters—four per year—within each category you’ve identified If you want to travel to three countries, when will it happen? Planning with intention is how you make vision reality.. Set hard, target dates for when you want to have that new job or manuscript finished or project ready for debut.
  4. Clarify big goals for the year, and the quarters, with month-to-month strategies so you can begin to chip away at them slowly. It’s easier to manage and celebrate the small wins everyday so you can feel super awesome when looking at the bigger picture.Sometimes we get overwhelmed, but as long as your big vision is laid out in alignment with the next 12 months, it can and will be attained!).
  5. Now, the easy part. We know things change — our values change and life happens. All great things. Set aside time every month to reevaluate your priorities and make sure they are still focused on your bigger themes for the year. Maybe you scored the job of your dreams, which increased your salary, but you may not be able to take that vacation until late fourth quarter. At your weekly check-ins, see if you are consistently meeting your ongoing benchmarks. You are the architect in creating your best life.

Cheers to taking ACTION.