Where we start is rarely where we end up. I should know.

Today, I’m an international speaker, advocate for emotional confidence, author, and socially-conscious entrepreneur who is shifting the global paradigm to inspire a new wave of building leadership that focuses on empathy-based solutions and GRIT. But it wasn’t that long ago that I was a broken version of the best me.

I grew up the daughter of Filipino-Indian immigrant “tiger parents” who had a strict, demanding approach to childrearing. My family was, and still is, my world, but the tough exterior I built during those formative years only grew more solid after I endured a string of losses. By the age of 19 I was an orphan who had not only lost her parents but her eldest brother as well.

Maybe it was a way to hide, maybe it was a way to block it all out, but in the years that followed, I dedicated myself to my work. I graduated from dental school, built a million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, had a first-class dream wedding, married, and was branded traditionally “successful” and perfect in every way. This, all before the age of 30.

I thought the times living through the ghosts of my parents and Asian cultural upbringing: constantly doing more, chasing accomplishments, striving if it was ever enough. In essence, always wondering if I fulfilled their legacy of perfection, honor, and pride.

But, the achievements I saw on paper didn’t translate to feelings of pride or joy. Despite everything, I still wanted to hide, still wanted to block it all out.

It didn’t happen overnight, but in the years that followed I got divorced, sold my dental practice, mentored and invested in budding entrepreneurs, created a foundation to lift the voices of young women, expanded and grew my insatiable appetite for curiosity with high-profile CEOs, began consulting healthcare professionals and executives, and traveled to over 45 countries. It was in my quest for self-mastery and self-discovery that my biggest gift to the world is my own story.

My mission is to build a global community of progressive thinkers, doers, forward driving movers-and-shakers who are committed to integrating empathy-based solutions in their lives – at home, in the office, and beyond.

It’s about realizing that once we are able to lean past our stories and govern from authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity, and compassion, we can push humanity forward.