Accelerate 3 months - Neeta Bhushan

You’ve waited long and hard. You have sacrificed for others. Maybe you’ve even been working on someone else’s time. Someone else’s vision. Perhaps you are in transition looking to reinvent yourself. Or you are finally getting the urge and courage to start your business.

Congratulations, that’s the first step.

But wait:

  • You have NO idea which way to go?
  • You have several ideas and it’s causing you to get stuck…
  • You are unsure and confused how to even get started!
  • Or you may have been swimming in circles thinking you would dive in, but something keeps holding you back…

Let’s face it, 65% of early stage startups and small businesses fail within the first year. However, Most entrepreneurs don’t have a clear playbook, or blueprint to get them through the initial- and most pivotal stages of their business ecosystem!

The pain is real, which is why the thought of reading this for some of you may have sent feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or even chills down your spine!

Perhaps for some of you, you just got a jolt of excitement! You can see, feel, and hear what your future business looks like but you simply need strategies, and a relentless coach to provide you with tools to develop your target market, and create actionable steps to keep you on track.

If you resonate with any of this- I am totally with you….


After starting 5 different copies in the last 7 years I definitely know first hand about failures and starting small businesses. I’ve also effectively run a million dollar plus cosmetic dental practice, a six-figure consulting practice, along with a best-selling book, and jumpstarting a speaking career while creating a foundation for young emerging women, as well as masterminds for female entrepreneurs as a fellow angel investor – building and seeking female talent.

I definitely know the grueling pains of starting a business when you have ABSOLUTELY no clue, and the fears can sometimes be crippling. What I also know is exactly what characteristics intakes in order for you to be relentless in your pursuit of your ‘baby’ aka business having interviewed over 500 entrepreneurs in over 40 countries around the world in my best-selling book: Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts & change your world. Finally, I know you will need a sure-fire kick ass strategy for you to be consistent and fearlessly bold in getting there.


FIRST where exactly are you on the spectrum? Most entrepreneurs that I mentor and teach who WANT to take the leap have fears, limiting beliefs, or previous patterns that gravely hold them back. Did you know that in your first 1-2 years of business it will take your solid commitment, effort, and drive for your business to grow at a consistent pace?

Most early stage businesses give up because they think that by doing some searching on the internet, that they will just be able to ‘look at others’ and model what they are doing in order to achieve great results and steadfast clients. Guess again! What works for most may not entirely work for you, or where you currently are at on the spectrum. But have no fear, during our strategy deep dive call we will be able to sort out your individual action plan to Accelerate your business in my 3 – month Accelerate 1 on 1 coaching program.

Why is it crucial for you to have a blueprint for your business?

First of all…
It’s designed for you in mind.

You have fears. You may have self-doubts and in the beginning its inevitable you are going to make mistakes, many of them. I will just give you a streamline process helping you create

  • Small bite sized chunks of 3 month easy actionable steps to accelerate your business
  • Dig… We will dive into insecurities, and clear all roadblocks so you can have clarity on your business purpose and you as a leader in this next phase of your life.
  • Devise systems to create the Confidence map for you. As you know, practice makes perfect, and you will have the BOLD tools so that you are a fierce master at your craft.
  • Strategy and processes to automate your business for a clear implementation of your BIG outcomes within the next 3 months.
  • Resilience in collecting your ‘NO’s providing value for those you wish to serve and creating a process of consistent revenue within the first month of your business with simple conversations.

This is for any new entreprenuer ready to make the leap, and the investment for yourself- putting yourself first!

As your guide, consultant, coach, and advocate- it’s my duty to serve as your ‘COO’ as you fake it until you make it during the first 3- months of PHASE 0.


  • Phase 0 you are simply starting out. You have some clarity but you can use an additional push
  • Phase 0 you may want to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader
  • Phase 0 you may want to brand map, and create an ideal avatar for who you are meant to work with..
  • Phase 0 you need tools, strategies, and a blueprint for generating monthly clients, and be able to close strong.
  • Phase 0 you may need help structuring your packages, your coaching/product protocol.


  • You are now getting the swing of your business, practice, startup
  • You are probably servicing clients through services and products as a professional, a coach, creative, writer, speaker, or author.
  • Most of how you are obtaining your client base is through your network, engagements, or interaction.
  • You want to increase your revenue and go from session base to perhaps higher paying clients or group coaching, or live events.
  • You want to add more products or services to add another line of income to your business
  • You probably generate around 50K or more

Wherever you are at Accelerate IS here and just a call away. So, click below and schedule some time with me today, so we can get the ball rolling with your business now.

We are standing by, click here to schedule your 30 minute strategy session.


Here’s what people are saying…

Neeta is the perfect example of ladyboss, badass, pure heart, and pure light. As a coach, healer, and visionary- I’ve worked with countless people and just listening to her in how she solves problems and keeps you on track is everything that I needed, but I was always too afraid to fully focus on. You will definitely gain a different perspective in yourself with working with her, learning from her, and how it affects your business and your outlook on life.

Leyla S.,
Standing Light Lightstyle Brand, New York City

Neeta is the embodiment of fierce, compassionate, grace. She is thoughtful in how she crafts your transformation because she has been there. For so many of us female leaders trying to achieve this sense of perfection, she has nailed this beautifully and is someone to continuously learn from.

Jessica M,
Co-founder, Lean IN Asia, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Neeta is someone I wouldn’t think twice about. She fully understands from a female perspective, asian perspective on the taboos, internal conflicts, and issues we can face in society. She’s not afraid to push you to think better for yourself. She is a powerhouse in helping you reach your goals. She has done the work, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and gives you permission to be yourself, despite what family or society may want from you.

Tash Fine Jewelers, Bangkok Thailand

I know Neeta is extremely busy, she reminds me of myself- constantly doing. So I knew I could relate to her. I knew I could trust her. For my rational mind, I trust her exponentially, her femininity really brings me to a kind of woman that I admire. In everything that she has unfortunately gone through, parts of it I could definitely see in myself, what I kept on chasing, what I prevented from allowing in. She is the perfect person to teach this course for women.

Lais O,
Co-Founder 8spaces, Brazil

Neeta has given me so much confidence to realize perfection is a lie. Growing up leading and mentoring beauty pageants, perfection has been one of the main things I have struggled with. I trust Neeta because genuineness is in every cell of her body. As a coach myself, I would hire Neeta in a heartbeat to be my coach- she fully understands human psychology being a doctor, but also has gone through her own experiences and is truly devoted in helping you uncover your own journey. Don’t think twice, sign up for a course, get her best-selling book, and watch the change unfold in your life.

Nina R,
Leadership Coach, Bulgaria

She’s great pointing things out that you don’t want to hear. Neeta lives her life as being boundless. Because she has had so many different experiences she is well aware of being a lady in a masculine world, maintaining grace in her femininity. Her courses, workshops, and talks are extraordinary for any woman feeling stuck. You cannot go wrong with this choice, a no brainer.

Lifestyle Marketing Influencer, San Francisco CA

Begin mastering your business, and create the confidence, power, and love knowing that you have someone hear to fully guide you to your success. Your time is right NOW. We are standing by to help you!