Blissciplines with Neeta Bhushan

Blissciplines – What are yours and why you should start

Blissciplines What are yours and why you should start

I talk about this quite often, and in fact have become one of the basic components of Independent Awakening

This is the book that started it all (aka my own exploration of my Independent Awakening), Philosophers Notes, a cliffs notes version of 100s of books on optimal living from sacred texts old and new, bringing to life about happiness, purpose, passion, and how to be your best self…  It discusses how many of the impeccable masters of our time were highly focused on self-care practices first, namely, morning rituals.

Blissciplines are small daily routines that make you happy, centered, aligned. Disciplines you can practice daily to put yourself in the right groove.

Every day we are faced with more and more avenues of tech communication, as soon as our alarm rings on our phones! Before all of that (I even got my own old school alarm clock now) it’s SO important to pause and start your morning off right- after we only have 24 hours to make it an incredible day… Why not begin with setting YOUR tone for the day and how you will be showing your face and unique gifts to the world- don’t you deserve it, and I think the world will totally benefit when you’re radiating high and mighty too!

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So here’s a fun exercise- (promise it will take you a few moments)- think about when you are having the most amazing day- things are going incredibly what are you doing for yourself?

Here’s mine!

1. Meditation (roll out of bed onto my mat and go inward)

2.Movement (yoga, moving my body!)

3.Journaling (my mental shower and practicing gratitude)

4.Reading/listening to positive vibes/ ( varies daily, podcasts, to sacred thought leaders, reciting my daily affirmations)

5.Self-care through nutrition (my sups, super foods, chai tea latte)

Now- it’s your turn! Be sure to post them below….and go on & grace the world with your awesome, wholesome goodness!

So much love-