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A new life of boundless joy awaits you.

While we process your order, please read this personal invitation from Neeta.

Boundless LIVING, every single day. This is your invitation to join the exclusive community.

Experience the support of ‘Boundless Living Collective’, a safe and dynamic space committed to hold your hand through every step of your inner revolution and transformation, so you can reach your highest self and happiness.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you join this exclusive community:

  • Get key downloadable tools, strategy guidelines, and worksheets to help aid in your Daily boundless living, with your friends, family, and most importantly your team members and work colleagues. Sharing means growing together, and there’s an ample amount of resources specifically for the Boundless Living Collective community!
  • MONTHLY 60-90 min trainings by Dr. Neeta Bhushan and other revolutionary leaders. Follow Dr. Neeta’s travel and work as she interviews top leaders from San Francisco to Dubai, Italy and India to give you training and tips from the world’s best experts on emotional intelligence and leadership.
  • Access to the Global GRIT Institute team and the collective tribe where you can connect, learn and grow with other extraordinary people.
  • Access cutting edge emotional intelligence and leadership insights from thought leaders around the world.


Get even more out of Boundless by getting support of a community of women just like you

Here’s what the members of the community have to say:

I know Neeta is extremely busy, she reminds me of myself- constantly doing. So I knew I could relate to her. I knew I could trust her. For my rational mind, I trust her exponentially, her femininity really brings me to a kind of woman that I admire. In everything that she has unfortunately gone through, parts of it I could definitely see in myself, what I kept on chasing, what I prevented from allowing in. She is the perfect person to teach this course for women.

Lais O,
Co-Founder 8spaces, Brazil

Neeta is the perfect example of ladyboss, badass, pure heart, and pure light. As a coach, healer, and visionary- I’ve worked with countless people and just listening to her in how she solves problems and keeps you on track is everything that I needed, but I was always too afraid to fully focus on. You will definitely gain a different perspective in yourself with working with her, learning from her, and how it affects your business and your outlook on life.

Leyla S.,
Standing Light Lightstyle Brand, New York City

Neeta inspires every person she encounters in a span of seconds. Her authenticity, and her desire to help others become better versions of themselves is how she wears her passion on her sleeve. If you have a chance to work with her, have her speak to your group (just like we did here), do not think twice. She’s highly knowledgeable in merging her life experience, charisma, brain and social science, and her love of people. We’ve even tried to have her live here so she can serve our clients too!

Melanie P,
Co-founder Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand

Global GRIT is transcending what it means to scale globally moving from fear based leadership, to heart-centered leadership, a model that is needed for future companies to use for their teams & executives.

Michael Pearson,
Google & Google Ventures Mountain View, USA

EmotionalGRIT is a true calling for helping the next generation live beyond stories and circumstances, thus creating a shift in the world once we reframe our thinking.

Gina Otto,, CEO, Founder & International Speaker

EmotionalGRIT understanding emotional strength is pivotal to the state of our mental health and is crucial for the next generation.

Matt Reimann,
CEO, Shae, Founder Ultimate Human Foundation

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