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In this Online Workshop You Will Discover:

  • The real reason people feel stuck in life… and it has nothing to do with luck, opportunities, education or privilege
  • A research-based and tested methodology which leverages biology, psychology and spiritual research to stop settling for less, design the life of your dreams and finally having everything your heart truly desires
  • A practical hands-on training session on how to use the 6-tier tool based on human behaviour dynamics research to break through the #1 limiting pattern that prevent most people from finding their own authentic path and true passion
  • How to uncover the childhood patterns that you’re still operating from and release this heaviness you carry around with you, so you can finally soar into a truly purposeful and boundless life
  • Case Study #1: Find out how Angie discovered the pattern that was making her physically and emotionally ill, and how she tackled the pattern at the root to design a more fulfilled life that authentically serves her body and emotions
  • Case Study #2: Julie, a first time mother who was just promoted at the law firm she works at, applies a specific process to deconstruct and debunk childhood patterns, allowing her to finally achieve her desired work-life balance
  • Case Study #3: Discover how Lisa, a “super-creative” juggling multiple passion projects, overcame the anxiety and depression she was hiding by learning how to identify her true purpose from the myriad of distractions she had buried herself in
  • …and much, much more.

By the end of this free training, you’ll have the foundational mindset and one powerful tool to nurture the missing parts of your life, change your inner world, and spark a cascade of positive change across six key areas of your life: Personal, Professional, Relationships, Health, Emotional and Spiritual.

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