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Are You Ready for an Inner Revolution that Spills Over in Every Aspect of Your Life?

Join international best-selling author Dr. Neeta Bhushan in this free 45-minute online workshop as she reveals how you can hack your revolutionary human potential to nurture the missing parts of your life, change your inner world, and spark a cascade of positive change.

Neeta Bhushan

Living Boundless Online Workshop
By Neeta Bhushan

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Does something feel missing in your life?

You’ve achieved a lot to be proud of in your personal and professional life. Yet something still feels like it’s missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You don’t know how to make this emptiness and purposelessness go away. The more you try to fill the void by keeping busy with your endless list of to-dos, the deeper it gets.

There’s a high chance the reason you feel this way is because somewhere along the line, you gave away a little bit of your power by doing what others wanted you to do… and silencing what you really wanted for yourself.

Congratulations, because just by being here today, you’ve displayed the courage to face the void, reclaim your power and find your true self! And we’re honored to show you how.

Watch this 4-minute video to know more about Neeta and her philosophy…

In this inspiring and hands-on practical online workshop, YOU will discover:

  • The real reason people feel stuck in life… and it has nothing to do with luck, opportunities, education or privilege
  • A research-based and tested methodology which leverages biology, psychology and spiritual research to stop settling for less, design the life of your dreams and finally having everything your heart truly desires
  • A practical hands-on training session on how to use the 6-tier tool based on human behaviour dynamics research to break through the #1 limiting pattern that prevent most people from finding their own authentic path and true passion
  • How to uncover the childhood patterns that you’re still operating from and release this heaviness you carry around with you, so you can finally soar into a truly purposeful and boundless life
  • Case Study #1: Find out how Angie discovered the pattern that was making her physically and emotionally ill, and how she tackled the pattern at the root to design a more fulfilled life that authentically serves her body and emotions
  • Case Study #2: Julie, a first time mother who was just promoted at the law firm she works at, applies a specific process to deconstruct and debunk childhood patterns, allowing her to finally achieve her desired work-life balance
  • Case Study #3: Discover how Lisa, a “super-creative” juggling multiple passion projects, overcame the anxiety and depression she was hiding by learning how to identify her true purpose from the myriad of distractions she had buried herself in
  • …and much, much more.

By the end of this free online workshop, you’ll have the foundational mindset and one powerful tool to nurture the missing parts of your life, change your inner world, and spark a cascade of positive change across six key areas of your life: Personal, Professional, Relationships, Health, Emotional and Spiritual.

Instructor Profile

About Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan went from being orphaned at a young age, to graduating Magna Cum Laude from University, becoming a doctor of dentistry and a specialist, marrying the picture-perfect husband, running a million-dollar healthcare practice, building her network with high-society friends and living in a 6-story home. But behind the Hollywood-worthy rags to riches story that society applauds, Neeta was hiding the terrible truth of a dysfunctional, abusive marriage and an unfulfilled career.

With a crumbling soul and a determined heart, Neeta courageously left her picture perfect life and began an incredible journey of self-discovery to understand human behavior; venturing through 45 countries learning from elders in the remote villages of Peru, Shamans in Ecuador, spiritual ashrams in Bali, human behaviour scientists in Japan, Switzerland, & Germany, to breathwork healers in the southern parts of India name a few.

From her global spiritual and psychological research, she distilled 29 common human behaviour patterns affecting 6 areas of life people struggle with most. Combining this with her own health care knowledge on the biology of human performance, Neeta developed a method that utilised biology, psychology and spiritual elements to turn her own life around and design a boundless life she can now joyously call her own.

Today, she spreads her knowledge as an international best-selling author, global speaker & educator, executive leadership coach, and advocate of emotional health and mental wellbeing. Neeta has used her methodology to coach women from all over the world through loss, suicidal thoughts, break ups, business growth, divorce, domestic violence and purpose. She is also founder of the Independent Awakening (IA) Foundation aimed to empower female entrepreneurs from emerging countries to reach their peak potential.

Here’s what people are saying

What People Say About Dr. Neeta Bhushan

EmotionalGRIT is a true calling for helping the next generation live beyond stories and circumstances, thus creating a shift in the world once we reframe our thinking.

Gina Otto,, CEO, Founder & International Speaker

EmotionalGRIT is what men and women need to understand the importance of being human, and regaining what it means to pause in today’s fast paced life.

Anthony Trucks,
Former NFL player, Author, CEO Renew University

Neeta illuminates pure radiance through her work. She is bold, powerful, and the future of women

Ajit Nawalkha,
Mindvalley & Evercoach Co-Founder & Serial Investor

Loving yourself is the best thing you can teach for today’s world. Neeta embraces this elegantly.

Kute Blackson,
Author of You.Are.The.One.

To influence character you need to be open to challenging your internal thought process, Emotional GRIT gives you that training in a practical & tangible way.

Reed Berglund,
Founder/CEO Fullbottle, San Francisco CA

EmotionalGRIT is the new type of GRIT and a call to action for more heart-centered leaders, and more importantly how you will lead your life.

Andrew Hewitt,
CEO GameChangers500

I know Neeta is extremely busy, she reminds me of myself- constantly doing. So I knew I could relate to her. I knew I could trust her. For my rational mind, I trust her exponentially, her femininity really brings me to a kind of woman that I admire. In everything that she has unfortunately gone through, parts of it I could definitely see in myself, what I kept on chasing, what I prevented from allowing in. She is the perfect person to teach this course for women.

Lais O,
Co-Founder 8spaces, Brazil

Neeta has given me so much confidence to realize perfection is a lie. Growing up leading and mentoring beauty pageants, perfection has been one of the main things I have struggled with. I trust Neeta because genuineness is in every cell of her body. As a coach myself, I would hire Neeta in a heartbeat to be my coach- she fully understands human psychology being a doctor, but also has gone through her own experiences and is truly devoted in helping you uncover your own journey. Don’t think twice, sign up for a course, get her best-selling book, and watch the change unfold in your life.

Nina R,
Leadership Coach, Bulgaria

Neeta is the perfect example of ladyboss, badass, pure heart, and pure light. As a coach, healer, and visionary- I’ve worked with countless people and just listening to her in how she solves problems and keeps you on track is everything that I needed, but I was always too afraid to fully focus on. You will definitely gain a different perspective in yourself with working with her, learning from her, and how it affects your business and your outlook on life.

Leyla S.,
Standing Light Lightstyle Brand, New York City