How To Break Free From Insecurities - Neeta Bhushan

How To Break Free From Insecurities

Breaking free from insecurities all starts with building confidence. Ladies, it’s all about self-care, creating boundaries and the ability to step into greatness! So let’s start with identifying what interactions trigger those insecurities. This is HUGE! For many of us, those insecurities are feeling unseen, unheard, not loved and totally overlooked. These triggers are deep and go way back – it can come up as feelings of abandonment and neglect. Start to shift your mindset and think of these moments as an opportunity to grow!

So let’s talk about building confidence and boosting your self-care. Learn how to love yourself and speak to yourself kindly through these moments. Restoring self-confidence will help you break from free insecurities and help the wounds when triggered in certain relationships. Learning how to break free from insecurities will bring you back to yourself and back to feeling grounded.

1. Bring awareness to your body – take notice when you are feeling insecure. Be mindful and aware of these moments. Take note of how you feeling inside and how you respond when feeling triggered. Make sure to move through this process in a non-judgmental way.
2. Let go of old stories – Ladies, we all have those stories that we keep telling ourselves. Breaking through insecurities is a big part of letting go of the past. When we buy into the stories, of “this is who I am”, “this is just my personality”, we get stuck in the cycle of negative thought patterns and begin to feel stuck. When feeling stuck, don’t indulge in the old stories which are where our mind sometimes goes first…take notice and switch it up!
3. Feel compassion and forgive yourself – Open your heart and feel compassion for yourself. Love yourself through all of these tough moments. Easier said than done but practice self-love and compassion every single day! Don’t let these triggers take you down. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy, you are loved and deserving!

When breaking through these insecurities, we begin to feel boundless and step into greatness and open ourselves up to new possibilities and new opportunities!