Challenges of Surrender - Neeta Bhushan

Challenges of Surrender

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Let go, it’s okay.

On my sabbatical journey:

Cancelled all exploration plans to #simplybe… This is the one thing I’ve noticed myself doing as an Uber ‘type A’- as I’m constantly planning, constantly organizing, leading etc…even feeling the pressure to ‘make the most of my time’ here on this beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

This has been a daily challenge, and because I’m traveling solo, my inner instincts constantly fill the need to create lists, check things off, and ‘plan’… But then tuning into my purpose and full intention to surrender.  It’s nice, while in Asia- internet isn’t the most reliable and at times I’m forced to relinquish and be still.. #selflovefirst #selfcare thank you #marcgafni for this beautiful gem, as I’m finally cracking open your unique self.

I’m fully awake and showing up for myself today.

Do any of you busy entrepreneurs, moms, superhero ladies encounter this issue? If so, how do you ground yourself and release the ‘pressure’.