Conquering Fear & Unleashing Your Workplace Potential - Neeta Bhushan

Conquering Fear & Unleashing Your Workplace Potential

Fear and anxiety in the workplace is an unsightly combo. Whether it’s within your teammates, or your boss- this is a nice reminder that only you can control your own actions.

So today you choose. Choose to be the light. Choose to approach with love and compassion.

There’s this amazing exercise that I would have my team do during our powerful monthly ‘4 by 4’ meetings (we would block off 4 hours for training) and stems from Chinese medicine Qi-Gong. I would have them go around in a circle and with the biggest smile on their face while raising both eyebrows say ‘I’m so stressed’.

Yes it definitely turned into a huge laughing session, but it’sa powerful exercise to relieve anxieties and tension.

Let’s face it, communication is definitely key to your environment. But when you act from a place of kindness without any expectations or attachments, just pure empathy and compassion, it’s incredible what happens.

Start out by giving compliments, acknowledgements, and praises through an email, written message or verbal communication. You’ll begin to influence those around you and it spreads like wildfire.

Do any of you have stories of begin the ‘light’ in your community? What happened?

When did things begin to shift?

Thanks so much in advance for your feedback!

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