Creating Space For New Relationships - Neeta Bhushan

Creating Space For New Relationships

Ladies, yes…. We are still talking about creating space, expansion and feeling boundless! The first step to creating space for others is establishing a strong sense of self, which includes self trust. This is BIG. When you have this foundation, you are able to find clarity on what’s meaningful to you in a relationship.

Take inventory on your current relationships – you friends, coworkers, family members and partner. For those that are most meaningful to you, look at each one individually and identify what works, what doesn’t work and begin to think about how you can navigate through negative circumstance. Yes, this may feel like homework but it is SO worth it. You will begin to notice the key elements of success in your relationships. Once you begin to develop this tool to create space for new relationships with these principles.

1. Values – When are creating space for new relationships, know what values are important to you. These are non-negotiables. Create a list of values that are most important to you and keep them as guidelines.
2. Transparency – This translates to honesty which is a core pillar in all relationships – colleagues as well as life partners. Having a strong understanding and importance of this value will keep you on the same page. You don’t want to feel like you have been caught off guard with information or that you’re not in the know.
3. Communication – This one is especially important for the ladies. Use your voice! Share your thoughts, your feelings, your opinions and be heard. Communication also go both ways so understanding and listening to your partner’s needs.
4. Respect – Have kindness and mutual respect for one another. This an be extremely difficult when times are tough but remember that kindness can be so simple.
5. Forgiveness – Allow yourself to forgive and let go. This last principle is the most important when creating space. When we allow ourselves to forgive, we are able to create expansion and grow.

So ladies…enjoy the process, build your tribe and manifest those relationships, that connection that you have been seeking. It all begins with self love….