Decode your Genuis - Neeta Bhushan

Believe Me,
You Are A Genius!

Get your set of powerful exercises that would de-code & unravel EXACTLY who YOU are and unleash your Genius within.

Spend Time Understanding You

Master Your Genius

Honour your Gifts

The 3-steps Framework That Successful Entrepreneurs Use To Decode Their GENIUS.

Define Your Game Plan And Strategy To Show Up In The World.

Create your Intention

Self-awareness is known to be #1 quality that helps in developing leaders, according to MIT Sloan Management Review.

Discover Your Greatness

Walk through 5 Question to understand your genius power.

Harvard Medical School research shows that self-compassion builds resilience. This is necessary when facing stressful adversity in our day-to-day.

Develop Your Genius Habits

Honour your gifts to empower the world.


Neeta has given me so much confidence to realize perfection is a lie. Growing up leading and mentoring beauty pageants, perfection has been one of the main things I have struggled with. I trust Neeta because genuineness is in every cell of her body. As a coach myself, I would hire Neeta in a heartbeat to be my coach- she fully understands human psychology being a doctor, but also has gone through her own experiences and is truly devoted in helping you uncover your own journey. Don’t think twice, sign up for a course, get her best-selling book, and watch the change unfold in your life.

Leadership Coach, Bulgaria

Neeta is the perfect example of ladyboss, badass, pure heart, and pure light. As a coach, healer, and visionary- I’ve worked with countless people and just listening to her in how she solves problems and keeps you on track is everything that I needed, but I was always too afraid to fully focus on. You will definitely gain a different perspective in yourself with working with her, learning from her, and how it affects your business and your outlook on life.

Leyla S.,
Standing Light Lightstyle Brand, New York City

Dr. Neeta is someone I can definitely relate to, she’s highly approachable and has done the work. Unfortunately life has given her real lessons which she has both by experience and discovery that she’s willing to teach you with so much passion.

Varin G,
Former Financial Executive, Singapore

Get It Now, Decode Your Genius,
And Start Your Discovery

Be among the hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors, and game changers who have already mastered their greatness, honored their gifts, and causing a great impact in their world.

On my quest though 45 countries I’ve immersed myself in the field of human behavior, as well as studied the works of classical philosophers and modern psychology.

The 3-step process you are about to go through is a result of this immersive study, sparked by my own life experience at overcoming extreme adversities, which included being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and facing homelessness.

This eye-opening journey sparked my own transformation and led me to publishing the findings in Emotional Grit that later became an Amazon bestseller.

I’m excited for your journey. It only begins now, once you are able to decode your genius.