Details Behind my Self-Marriage & Tips for you to do the same! - Neeta Bhushan

Details Behind my Self-Marriage & Tips for you to do the same!

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The details behind my self-marriage ceremony.

Some of the simple fundamentals that I wanted to honor (and after undergoing a big fat 4-day indian fusion wedding the first time around) stripping away for more grounding with a few daily reminders was all that was needed….

  • Flowers– gratitude- appreciating beauty in the small daily encounters
  • Sunshine-my source of energy, life, creativity (and vitamin D please)
  • Water– we are constantly, flowing and evolving- growing up near water, and being a water sign (Cancer, super essential for me).
  • Rudraksha beads– traditionally has been used as a symbol of grounding, presence, and alignment of oneself (vital for me) -i even found rings with this (thank you Bali!)
  • Incense (sandalwood)– used in many religious traditions to symbolize purity, an offering, or clearing space… for me its been a healing ritual i’ve adopted…

And for my younger ladies…who perhaps are trying the check the boxes, fulfill an obligatory cultural commitment of getting married before 30, or having a ‘dream wedding’ first get clear on what KIND of love relationship you would like and how YOU would like to show up in that relationship.

Once I wrote down all of the characteristics in all of my past love relationships I realized I kept attracting similar types… (even after I left my marriage!) Until I got clear…

There was a TON of work that was needed, and thankfully I’m so incredibly grateful that I experienced many of those dark days to truly peel away those heavy icky layers (as well as surrounding myself with strong men who I admired and respected who served as examples of amazing beings I would love to have as partners).

Big hugs to Now of course can share much of this journey with all of you =).

  • Enjoy single hood!
  • Go on a trip solo (even if it’s a day/or weekend)
  • Make a list of your ideal love relationship (okay details, not just looks ladies!)
  • Who exemplifies this? Any friends’ boyfriends, husbands
  • Surround yourself with them
  • Remember like attracts like…(oh yea, they won’t be at the club..)