Do you Avoid Confrontation? - Neeta Bhushan

Do you Avoid Confrontation?

Lovelies, you know what I mean when we rather take a back seat than confront those difficult situations in our lives! Would you like to just pretend that the problem or argument will go away? That the other person will just automatically know how they have hurt you (or vice versa)? Or that friend will just move away, or that tough the client that you dread working with will automatically disappear?

There comes a time when the difficult conversation needs to happen. Why? Because it eats at your core, you will build resentment towards the other person, and ultimately, it allows us as humans need to strengthen our emotional health through communication, not to mention the relationships we cherish as a result.

Here are 3 ways you can spark difficult dialogue get started right now:.

  1. Start by complimenting the person, acknowledging their presence and worth.
  1. Identify the situation, present the facts, and share why you feel the way you do. Be sure to come from a place of curiosity and concern, not anger or resentment.
  1. Listen to their side of the story, and find a way ask to come to a mutually beneficial outcome, deadline, or agreement. Ending things on a positive note will help you feel better about taking on this tough task.

Go ahead,… it’s your turn to practice. Start by looking in the mirror or trying with a trusted friend

How do you feel? How will you apply these lessons? I am sure it will set you free and #boundless

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