How To Have Effective Communication With Your Partner - Neeta Bhushan

How To Have Effective Communication With Your Partner

OK ladies, Valentine’s is among us and let’s dive deep in the topic of LOVE! Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship. It’s important to know how to communicate in all sorts of situations and gauge of the energy of your partner as well as the environment.

Here are 3 key guidelines to open up communication with your partner:

1. Make sure to have in-person conversations, face to face – It’s best to confront serious matters in person. Look each other in the eye and stay focused. It’s best to put phones away to avoid distraction.
2. Be honest – Agree that you will both enter the conversation with total honesty and transparency without judgement. Sometimes the truth can be hurtful, so make sure to choose your words carefully.
3. Body Language – Make sure that you are in a comfortable setting and sit up straight so that you are attentive and can fully listen and actively respond when necessary.

What to do if you are angry?

First, take a step back and pause. If you are really angry, give yourself time to cool down. Taking a break and keep the situation from getting worse. From time to time, everyone gets angry so it’s important learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy way!