Embracing Change


Ladies, this is a super important topic since it affects every aspect of our lives. If you learn how to embrace change with grace and ease, you will see MEGA shifts in your life. Everything is always changing around us, whether we are aware of it or not. And, whether we like it or not! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stop resisting and start embracing what life brings!? We tend of focus on what we don’t want and subconsciously we are already creating barriers for ourselves. That resistant is what brings discomfort and challenges. Imagine focusing only on what you do want and how to arrive at these various challenging moments when they arrive in our lives. What would your life look like if you started to embrace change? Here are a few simple steps to change your mindset, let go of fears and create space for new in your life!

1. Try something new! Don’t be afraid of the outcome, just do it! Sign up, take the plunge, speak up, book those flights….whatever it may be that you have been thinking about it, just do it! Stop coming up with the reasons of why this is a bad idea or it’s not the right time. Say yes to the challenge and embark on that new adventure!

2. Be honest with yourself. This is a tough one because often times we avoid looking inward. Be radically honest with yourself and start to identify what is really holding you back? Usually, this is the old, tough stuff – past relationships, family etc. Remember to look at yourself honestly and with love and compassion.

3. Embrace the highs and lows. Not everything goes as smoothly as planned and be OK with this. It’s OK when there are bumps in the road. Trust that you know how to navigate through these challenges. Remember that you are safe and the universe has your back.

4. Trust your gut. Follow your instincts because only YOU know what’s best for you. Know that you already have all the knowledge you need inside of you, it’s just learning how to use tools to navigate the process.

5. Be present. Don’t let these moments blow past you. Remember to enjoy the process and all the incredible experience and people you meet along the way. Practice gratitude for this amazing body that allows you to show up and experience these special moments. Participate in your own life and allow joy, truly feel the excitement around the possibility of change.

The ability to embrace change with grace and ease will bring so much joy to your life. Enjoy the process, the journey, the adventure and remember to have fun!