Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace 3 Reasons Why It's Essential - Neeta Bhushan

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace 3 Reasons Why It’s Essential

During the step into greatness tour last year, we uncovered several key factors in how our emotions play a huge role in the workplace. During the live immersions, it was evident that each of the leaders revealed amongst each other the biggest pain points that held them back from their full potential.

Today, I will share the top 3 reasons why emotional intelligence is vital so that you can flourish and practice these with your own colleagues and teammates. This is truly how you manage your emotions when it matters most.

Mastering your EQ helps with efficiency and focus. When you are emotionally aware, and cognizant of the attitudes that you bring to your projects, to your team, and with your workload you are more likely to stay on point and not get distracted. By this I mean, being fully aware of how to handle difficult conversations, paying attention to your body when you need a break etc.

Navigating the different personalities in the office. Understanding that everyone you encounter in the workplace has their own story behind them, so their reactions to you may not be personal but could be a coverup (or a ‘projection’) of what they are really going through. Responding with empathy and compassion signals a highly emotionally aware person and creates a ‘safe space’ for others to let their guard down (that’s a great thing!).

Checking in with yourself, and knowing your boundaries with your boss and team members. This is huge. Many CEOs, executives as well as employees have a tough time with this. On the one hand, you add so much to your plate that you are running on empty, and not being able to say no- in order to focus on your best value add.

Hopefully you can share, and comment or forward this to folks who may benefit!