Emotional Spring Cleaning - Neeta Bhushan

Emotional Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time clear out the inner clutter that is holding you back. The weather is getting a bit warmer, we are spending more time outside and begin to have more energy. Spring is a time to renew, rejuvenate and to reassess. We spend a lot of time and energy cleaning out our houses, doing various spring “detoxes”, going through our closets and donating clothes… all good stuff, but what about emotional spring cleaning?

The first step to emotional spring cleaning is to get rid of toxic thoughts. As we begin to start spring cleaning our soul, it’s important to feel calm and grounded. Head outside and take a walk, breathe in the air and enjoy the feeling of the sun of your face. Try a new meditation, yoga or tai chi. All of these activities will help you feel grounded, connected to the earth and yourself.

Begin to identify what that clutter looks like for you – who or what is taking up space in your life and is it fulfilling and helping you thrive? Or is it taken up room and now giving you enough space to grow? This is called taking inventory of your internal closet. Take out each piece, put thought into how it makes you feel and then go from there!

Make space for new things and people that energetically move you. In order to heal, grow and evolve, we must surround ourselves with people and relationships that allow us to flow in the way that we would like to!

So, this season, let’s take a minute to rethink what spring cleaning is going to look like this year… step into greatness and choose to live a boundless life, creating space for new opportunities and opening up to all possibilities!