Emotions Are Key To Unlocking Your Potential - Neeta Bhushan
Emotions Are Key To Unlocking Your Potential

Emotions Are Key To Unlocking Your Potential

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a HUGE topic but the ability to manage emotions is KEY to unlocking your potential. Having these tools will help you strengthen relationships, personally and professionally. Most importantly, this will improve the most important relationship you will ever have – the relationship with yourself. Many of us are fearful of experiencing any strong emotions…ladies, I am looking at you! We don’t want to seem weak, unprofessional or feel “less than” for showing emotions. This can be especially difficult in the workplace. This is exactly why it is SO important to know how to use emotions to unlock your potential and it’s simply about knowing how and when to make these small shifts.

  • Recognize and Regulate Emotions – This is all about self-awareness…. When we have a deep understanding of ourselves, we are able to pick up on thoughts and feelings that trigger specific emotions. Try to reflect on your triggers and notice patterns. Begin to identify your feelings though out the day and become familiar with what bring up emotions. Make sure to journal these thoughts, that way you can take advantage of ways to shift the conversation and make choices on how to interact with others.
  • Practice mindfulness daily – When we have a mindfulness practice, we automatically take notice of the body and the breath. By observing thoughts and feelings, you will be able to unlock your potential. With a mindfulness or meditation practice, you will gain clarity and boost your mood which is very helpful when managing emotions.
  • Learn active listening – It’s important to fully be present and listen BEFORE reacting or responding. This is probably the MOST important tip. Active listening is a great tool that will help you build stronger relationships. Often times, we are very quick to react and respond and emotions can get in the way. When we take a step back and simply listen, we are able to manage our emotions and thoughtfully respond and move through difficult conversations with grace and ease.
  • Practice gratitude – Refer to my last post and the importance of feeling GRATEFUL! When we have a positive outlook, we can shift our focus, which deeply impacts our emotions. This will also help to feel emotionally balanced which is when you feel more connected, grounded and can have more meaningful relationships. Practice gratitude every single day!
  • Add movement to your morning ritual – Exercise helps to balance emotions and reduce stress and anxiety! Any form of movement is great – try yoga, biking, or going for a walk outside. Choose any sort of exercise that brings you joy! You can work out solo or invite a friend or colleague to join you, just make sure to have fun!