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10 days is all you need, 1 message, and your dream come true.

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What does it include:

  • Personalized and bespoke writing plan to create an extraordinary masterpiece.
  • Daily check-ins strategy sessions to amplify your creative learning style.
  • 1 on 1 feedback on customizing your message and voice for your target niche.
  • Luxurious grounds + private villa to evoke the most profound setting for your creativity to soar.
  • Ceremonies, healings, + expanded elements to reach a level of pure mastery, heart centering, and peace for your most epic work to flow through you.
  • Cutting edge tools with branding & marketing expert Ajit Nawalkha, the brains behind Mindvalley and Evercoach, and how to create your engine pre-book release, during launch, and post-book to maximize your revenue.
  • A full day of marketing + branding strategy behind the camera to help you spread your message to the masses.

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