Exclusive Just For You - Here’s A Small Excerpt From My Upcoming Book - Neeta Bhushan

Exclusive Just For You – Here’s A Small Excerpt From My Upcoming Book

Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, & change your world.

Hey there, many of you reached out about what led to specifically my point of ‘tying it all together’. Well, here’s just a taste of what you will experience in the book. It’s time to rattle and shake your current thought process of the next generation of leadership.

A cry for new leadership.

Over the last few years, I have been fascinated by human dynamics. It’s taken me to over 40 countries since this journey began 4 years ago, and more specifically after having sold my healthcare business last year it inspired a deliberate quest of discovering the unique stories of people around the world in 17 countries.

What causes someone’s actual transformation, why is it we hide behind our “masks”, and what does that say about our current leadership. How can we shift our own lives as a result once we become more self-aware and practice more compassion and empathy within our own lives to create ripple effects in our world as a result?

Coming from the traditional Asian or (filipino-indian) background, culturally growing up it was taboo to share ‘feelings’ to think ‘outside’ the box and challenge, or argue ideas. While on the one hand, spiritual inquisition was encouraged in my home (my mom was catholic and father hindu), yet the strict Asian expectations of obligatory cultural obediences posed a different story specifically as a first born woman in the house.

I was encouraged to fall under the status quo: people pleasing, family pleasing, legacy and pride building-a great “box” on track to burst.

Through quite a few turning points of grit, adversity, and resilience I’ve arrived at a new dialogue and framework the past few years of authenticity and vulnerability. How this can essentially solve the “box” of society that we live in, how we are supposed to be, to live, to fuel the never ending ‘machine’ in this rat-race? This only leads to the fast track for burnout, mental angst, and disease- thus perpetuating the pilgrimage of westerners flocking to the eastern hemisphere to finally heal as a result.

So, to encourage a new mindset of thinking, what about starting with honoring the reasons behind the decisions we make. Isn’t it time to question your belief systems, and spark a revolution of curiosity to shift your current pattern of solving problems in your own micro-sphere? Instead of leading with the “mask”, removing it once and for all to reveal a different side that is beyond the stories that are part of the past, yet charting forth a new frontier of action and the courage to rise tall as a result.

The bravado it requires to question the traditional norms and lead from a different lens. I’m calling it mastering your emotional GRIT. The journey of the old story, the awareness of the present, and shift for the future.

New brink of solution seeking is on the horizon. To be champions and building an internal foundation so solid in authentic living that it spills over into the lives we lead. Creating a more humanistic, connected, and heart-centered society as a result.

Time for relentless compassion, the new GRIT.

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So much gratitude,