Exciting Updates On The Emotional GRIT Book! - Neeta Bhushan

Exciting Updates On The Emotional GRIT Book!

After I sold my million dollar healthcare business, and retired from cosmetic dentistry and moved cross country last year, I created a course. A course that encompassed all of the lessons as a healthcare professional or a “doctor” that wasn’t taught in school about the school of life. The social-emotional awareness and how our emotions affect our decision making process as leaders in our lives.
But, it’s now sparked an even greater conversation.

Fast forward to now, having shared this message in companies, businesses, with colleagues, in focus groups, workshops, webinars, and practically anywhere I could get my hands on-it began unfolding as a 2-fold investigation.

1. As a geeked out scientist I wanted to fully understand the human dynamics and behavior psychology of different types of leaders.
2. Bring together a basic foundation and core understanding of human behavior change.

Didn’t know what it would be called, so in true fashion immersed myself in growth opportunities of every kind-merging different worlds and learning from different schools of thought. While it also brought me on a hunt through 17 countries to understand varying perspectives of the real global and human stories of transformation, adversity, and awareness.

It’s now turned into a bubbling a larger discovery and basis of my first book to truly understand and formulate the core concepts of taking people through the emotionalGRIT process: Grow, Reveal, Innovate and Transform.

So, I welcome all changemakers, doers, positive psychologists, storytellers, executives, scientists, professors, and leaders we need your help. We are collecting stories of triumph, transformation as well as cutting edge research on behavior change to support different aspects of the book!

Excited for this first book to be devoted on shedding light into this new era of leadership, a different perspective- that is SO needed in our overbusy and chaotic world.

Merging behavior & brain science with stories of emotional intelligence GRIT to inspire a mandatory change in our mindset, and approach to our own lives. Hope you’re ready to ride this wave, because it’s time for a revolution.

Book is coming soon this July!

Just for all of you, you can click here now to pre-order your copy to get all other morsels I’ve been working on to add to your emotional intelligence IQ.
Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to the amazing set of advisors, my awesome team and partners on this front, and most of all those of you that have been part of this journey- this would not happen so fast without you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏🏽

Let’s do this!!
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