When Fear Is Present & Our Natural Inclination To Contract (when we need to expand) - Neeta Bhushan

When Fear Is Present & Our Natural Inclination To Contract (when we need to expand)

So much of what is promoted in self-growth encourages us to boldly go forward and reach toward expansion but often times FEAR forces us to pause and step back for a moment. So, what is fear and how do we master this emotion when our natural instinct is to contract?

When we encounter fear, it’s typically for a brief period of time. It can feel intense and then shortly vanishes as if it never happened. The natural process of energy release (fear) is something that humans (especially women) have learned to suppress. Instead of thinking of how to get rid of fears, we can shift our mindset and find ways to master fear in order to live a beautiful, connected and expansive life! We have the ability to take natural steps and know when it is safe to let it go.

It’s important to identify when it is safe to release this energy and let it go because fear can keep you from what you want the most…

Here are a few tips to turn fear into an opportunity to EXPAND:

1. Identify the fearful energy in your body. Take a moment to pause and honor this emotion and the feeling it physically has in your body. This is a tough one since usually during these moments, we are so caught up so it’s difficult to find clarity. But, try to give yourself this moment and know that it will pass.
2. Get familiar with the ways fear shows up in your life. Fear shows up differently for everyone – it can include other people as well. Acknowledge where and how fear shows up for YOU.
3. Start the conversation. Have open communication with yourself and this emotion. Why am I feeling this way and where is this physically showing up in my body? What do I need to feel safe and supported?
4. Spend time with fear. Sit with yourself and take full account of how you are feeling in these moments. This is a perfect time to look inward, journal, meditate and let yourself feel the feeling of fear.
5. Amplify fear with action. Find that release! This can be through movement or exercise. It can mean calling a friend or loved one, writing that difficult email that you have procrastinating or booking that trip that you’ve been thinking about…

When FEAR is present, allow yourself to feel this feeling and remember that this an opportunity to EXPAND, GROW and BE BOUNDLESS…there’s nothing holding you back!