First Steps To Achieving Your Personal and Business Goals - Neeta Bhushan

First Steps To Achieving Your Personal and Business Goals

Anyone looking to be extraordinary in this changing world can no longer afford the tough, angry, brittle facade of fear-based leadership. In order to achieve personal and professional goals, the verdict is out: this antiquated model of leading human beings just doesn’t work anymore. That abrasive mindset only gets you short-term gains – in the long term, it won’t help you to achieve your true potential.

Here are the top 3 MUST Dos For Achieving Personal and Business Goals

1. Authenticity. Being the raw, real you. Leaders often emulate other leader’s styles. Authenticity has roots in how YOU are specifically unique, and for this it will require consistently showing up as yourself – with levels of transparency you’ve probably never hit before. Raw honesty is what the world desperately needs, and friends and family understand it’s the only way to lead an authentic life – being true to yourself.

2. Compassion. When you have and display concern for others, you build better, stronger human connections. Extraordinary icons of today are shifting towards this model in droves to create a sense of shared unity of empathy. A little more compassion goes a long way for the relationships you wish to build to create the impact you want to make in the world.

3. Adaptability. Things are shifting at a fast rate. Technology is moving, the workplace culture is evolving, there are so many updates that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. We need to embrace flexibility – and work on detaching from the results. Focus on your openness to growing different aspects of you to problem solve for yourself. It’s hardly ever black and white, and you need to be flexible in leaning into the shades of gray that you may have once shunned or weren’t open to prior. This is the juiciness of you as your best self, opening up exponential possibilities when you change your perspective from a different lens.

These 3 MUST DOs are vital for you to thrive – and if practiced consistently, will create profound, positive and long-lasting effects in your business and personal lives.