How To Be Your Most Authentic Self - Neeta Bhushan

How To Be Your Most Authentic Self

How to be authentically you…this sounds so simple, right!? Finding and cultivating your authentic self is WORK and it’s always changing as we move through different stages of life. Through the process of self-reflection, we are able to peel back some of those layers and go deep. This means going beyond how you typically view yourself – wife, mom, sister etc and how we describe ourselves as what we do. Think about the way we just introduce ourselves, which usually includes a job title. Part of this work is examining and changing habits and potentially redefining goals. Who am I at the core?

Tapping into your most authentic self, your best self will help you transform yourself and the people around you. To be your most authentic self, rule #1 is to be COURAGEOUS and FEARLESS. Yup! It’s that kind of emotional strength and personal conviction that unlocks the key to being your most authentic self.

Now it’s time to get to know you. With self-reflection, think about your qualities, what makes you, YOU! Know what you love, what you want and where you want to go. Self-reflection can be in the form of listening to your body and regularly checking in with yourself. Stop and ask yourself, how do I feel today? Ask yourself, what brings me joy and feeling full of purpose? What fills me up? What lights me up?

Here are 6 Simple Ways To Be Your Most Authentic Self Every Single Day:

  • Put passion in everything that you do. Work hard and enjoy the process. Carry this out with everything you do in life. Work with intention.
  • Recognize your faults. Be honest with yourself and remember to laugh at yourself often.
  • Stay curious. Continue to want to learn about yourself and also be curious of others, especially people that are different than you. Stay hungry for knowledge
  • Listen to advice and thoughtfully consider what others are sharing with you.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy every moment and let things go that don’t serve you.
  • Allow yourself to rest and absorb all the hard work you are doing. By giving yourself downtime, you are able to show up and be present for yourself and others.