How To Build Your Tribe - Neeta Bhushan

How To Build Your Tribe

We all know the connection to others first starts with the relationship we have with ourselves but real connections with others are what makes life FUN and fulfilled. When we have our support system and friends to lean on, we feel safe, grounded and connected. Life is about sharing and enjoying it with others. So, how do you build your tribe, an awesome network that is going to lift you up and fill your cup?

As humans, we create the community with whom we gather and share experiences. This may be your church, neighborhood, school etc but it also might be a group of friends that regularly get together, book club or work out buddies. We typically choose to spend our time with those with shared interests. Finding shared interests is the best way to build your tribe. When we come together with those who want to share experiences, it will come very naturally. You will begin to see your tribe grow organically around how each of you chooses to spend time. With that foundation, it’s an opportunity to then build deeper connections with these individuals. At first, it may start as just hanging out and getting to know each other. Then, we naturally begin to peel the layers back and share more through having deep and meaningful conversations. These moments are where you will find strength and support within your tribe.

Here are a few tips on how to attract your tribe…

1. Listen – Listen to others and make them feel heard. Hold space for others to share openly with you about whatever is on their mind. First and foremost, be there for them. When building strong relationships, it’s important to be able to sometime just listen without responding or reactions. Being a soundboard can be very powerful and by listening, we are building trust and letting the other person know that you are there for them.
2. Be curious – Having new people in our lives in always exciting. Be curious about what makes them tick, their past experiences and what brought you together. Ask questions openly and take a genuine interest in those you meet. By staying curious, this will create a mutual connection and respect.
3. Volunteer – One of the best ways to build a tribe and stay connected is being of service to others. Offer your time and energy to give back. And the best part of volunteer work is that you can share the experience with others. Ask a friend to join you at a soup kitchen or organize a group of friends together to clean up a local park. Make whatever you are doing a fun activity that is also meaningful and does it with purpose.
4. Accountability – A tip to building a tribe is to stay organized and hold yourself accountable. Make a regular meeting time that works best for the group and stick with it. This will create a consistency and structure to continue to spend time together and get to know each other. It is also something to look forward to after a long week!
5. Patience – Give yourself time and make sure to be patient when creating new friendships. Sometimes it will take a bit longer than expected to build your tribe but stay with it, don’t give up. Your attitude is contagious so stay positive. Appreciate the time you are spending with others and the new experiences you have created. Continue to stay connected and will you create your core crew.