Imperfectly Radiant You, And Why Perfect Is Boring - Neeta Bhushan

Imperfectly Radiant You, And Why Perfect Is Boring

Lovelies, we are one month into 2017! We all know that the beginning of the year is a time of reflection. I’ve been reading through and developing virtual leadership for women and have had many conversations around perfectionism. Perfectionism can show up in many forms when we have self-doubt. We can be very hard on ourselves with judgement so it’s important to remember to speak to ourselves with love and kindness. This year, we practice self-love and explore boundaries. How can we become boundless?!


As I share some of my personal experiences, some myths and truths have presented themselves. At times, we all find ourselves fighting our own inner demons of self-worth, and the enormous pressure from family and the expectations we put on ourselves.


You learn that you do the best you can, and accept that the inner circle of people in your life are what has contributed to your core, your drive, and, most importantly, your tenacity and GRIT.


The key here is patience and acceptance of who you are as a human, and being grateful for the life lessons that you get to teach others along the way. Plus, perfectionism is boring! Sharing our unique selves with the world is much more fulfilling. When we approach life with self-love, we become our most radiant selves and can truly show up for others.
How have you overcome the shackles of perfection? Whose approval has been the toughest for you achieve? Hope this inspires a new perception and perspective…