It's All About Accountability  - Neeta Bhushan

It’s All About Accountability 

Loves, checking in as we are 4 weeks into the new year! This is the perfect time to ask yourself, are you holding yourself accountable? And if so, what works for you? If you are not keeping up with those new year’s resolutions, it’s the perfect time to look inward and begin to start holding yourself accountable. NOW! Don’t wait… be honest with yourself. When we are truly honest with ourselves, that’s when we can manifest change.

So let’s talk about accountability. How will this year be different than any other yet? This is a mindset. We have to change our perspective and shift into accountability mode. Every year you may set intentions or come up with resolutions but let’s be REAL. Often times, we forget about what we set out to do in the beginning of the year. We find excused for ourselves and get carried away with the day to day. It’s totally normal and we all do this but let’s make this year different.

Here are 3 tips to hold yourself accountable:

1. Write it down – Put your resolutions, intentions, goals and whatever it may be on a piece of paper. Write it down and remember why you want to achieve these things and how are you going to put them in motion. Write them down and put this list in a place where you will notice it…. On your wall next to your computer, on the outside of your fridge, next to your calendar… whatever works for you!

2. Take Action – Come up with an action plan and set deadlines for yourself. Make sure that these are realistic and achievable goals. Stick to your deadline!!

3. Get Someone Involved – Humans work best with the support and encouragement with others. Share your goals with a friend, partner or family member and find ways to support each other. Keep each other on track and have them hold you to your deadlines!

OK lovelies, THIS IS IT! This is your time to decide whether 2017 will be the year of change!