Learning to Trust Your Inner Voice

Learning to Trust Your Inner Voice (AKA that Gut is Clever!)

An awakening occurs, when you learn to trust yourself first. It’s only then the proverbial onion begins to unravel, and the layers start peeling off one by one to a new you…



We all have it. Everyone has an inner sense, an inner voice that speaks to them from time to time.  The voice, that we quiet in the midst of anxiety, fear, or difficult conversation.

How often do we listen to that inner voice?

How many times, after quieting your inner voice you realize, you were right? That the feeling in your stomach, was not just a fluke, and that you should’ve trusted your deep sense within? After all, the majority of the time, our gut instincts, the purest of them all- are our own guide, and is always right.

Listening to our ‘inner guide’ takes time.

For me and along my journey it’s been the source of my most profound incredible shifts. On my personal journey with friends, places to visit, seeing what is in synchronicity and alignment you realize that you begin to pull greatness towards you, things become effortless, simply because of this small shift in your mindset…

Malcolm Gladwell digs deep in his book, Blink. He demonstrates through a series of experiments, relationships, hundreds of research, literature etc on how as humans we make snap judgements, and those judgements actually prove to be correct. We have a basic instinct of what essentially is good for us, and we have the capacity of realizing that within ‘a blink of an eye’. He goes on to relate that sharpening this idea within ourselves gives us the ability to serve better purposes in our relationships, business, careers, and personal development through these sound, snap judgements.

I’ve incorporated this through my journey as an entrepreneur in the past 3 years, and now am able to offer these small tidbits to other female entrepreneurs as well.  This completely transformed how I build teams, and has proven wildly successful in my professional career as well…

Mindset is everything.

Your opportunity to cease it comes from this inner place, if there are tell tale signs that are loud… don’t quiet that inner voice, don’t prolong the inevitable. This can be applied to personal, professional, and interpersonal situations… It may just be that time to take a leap of faith and jump.

You are your biggest advocate, and it’s time to listen… a little closely.

A simple exercise to sharpen those skills and getting more in tune is mindfulness.  Start with 5 minutes a day focusing on your breath… cultivating a sense of stillness.

Cheers to you beaming with light on your Independent Awakening.  I would love to hear your journey, how has this helped you?