Lessons Learned from Being Single and Dating You! - Neeta Bhushan

Lessons Learned from Being Single and Dating You!

Lessons Learned from Being Single and Dating You

Getting to Know Yourself

Many of us are taught at a young age that we need to be in partnerships. We are encouraged to secure a boyfriend and get swept off of our feet. How do we cultivate self-love if we engage in this behavioral patter from a young age?

It’s only when you’ve dated yourself and spent some time alone (for me I had always been terrified of being alone- and now I absolutely crave that time to recharge my batteries) that you discover who and what is best for you…

When you decided to love yourself  you discover who and what YOU want in your life. This is relevant in personal, professional, and romantic relationships.

Discover that YOU matter when you discover what matters to you. 

Coming to accept everything about yourself, including your beautifully unique flaws, is when you realize there in so need for validation from anyone else but yourself.

When you decide not to tolerate those that don’t show you respect and honor your unique self, you begin to attract people that show you the respect you demand. You’ll be thriving and shining so brightly that you’ll attract people like magnets!

My cup is finally full and I’m enjoying MY journey…

I encourage every single woman to embrace being single (at one point in their life), the independence, the liberation, and freedom that comes with it.

Getting to know yourself and developing your inner guide while strengthening your intuition is key. Cultivating the prowess within you that has always existed, just needed some space and support to expand and flow through you.

Cheers to single lady time!

What unique characteristics do you love about yourself? Share in the comments!