Mind Triumphs Over Selling Sex: Self-Respect in Southeast Asia - Neeta Bhushan

Mind Triumphs Over Selling Sex: Self-Respect in Southeast Asia

Being in Southeast Asia, noticing the prevalence of women utilizing their bodies as money machines, for entertaining the western man, in turn providing for their families. 


When talking with the locals in Singapore, Malaysia, and even more so in my motherland of the Philippines-what the western world would somewhat refer to as ‘escorts’, paid companionship, love for all- it fuels my mission even more.

To bring the dialogue and discussion to changing the landscape of how women would traditionally use their bodies. If we realize that our intellect, willpower, discipline, feminine energy, creativity, nurturing heart brings to the table we can surely shift a brand new paradigm.

Realizing self-respect and teaching this so that the next generation of young women can begin utilizing their intellectual talents and unique gifts to serve in a much more impactful legacy.

In booming KL, the progressive epicenter of Asia along with Singapore where the the Chinese business men and investors have taken storm in creating a brand new completely westernized city- I managed to see this in excess.

On the one hand such progression, while on the other- the local females utilizing their prowess in wooing the elite businessmen of these cities for a night of companionship.I used to only govern based on my looks, and in my dental business I would advertise my face boldly on large billboards, theatre commercials which would draw in crowds.

However, in doing so I realized folks wanted someone they could trust, that was gentle, and perhaps less daunting then the dentistry itself! While I’ve been blessed with facial symmetry it goes a long way when we can harness our gifts loudly that it emanates from our pores- i.e. our souls, our hearts, and our minds… With that we can leave a much greater legacy with a bigger impact and ripple affect for the next generation of women…So what’s your unique gift? We all have one… please share!