Mindset Hacks To Achieve What You Really Want - Neeta Bhushan

Mindset Hacks To Achieve What You Really Want

Changing your mindset is dependent on your lens of the world and the mindset you wish to adopt. It is important to identify your future beliefs and think if the future version of yourself who is already living your new life! Invite that feeling and begin to experience it every single day. Think of the actions steps that you will need to take to reach your future self and actually embody those new beliefs. The sooner you begin to embrace and embody the beliefs – the sooner it will become a reality. These 3 Mindset Hacks will help you to achieve what you really want.

1. Practice self-compassion- Many times we are extremely hard on ourselves, this is vital to thriving. Celebrating your accomplishments, the path and journey that you are on, and the trajectory in what’s needed to move forward.
2. Build a network of varying perspectives. You need to welcome in the naysayers, and those that challenge your opinions. There needs to be a deeper level of understanding, respect, and appreciation for the different stories and opinions in order for collaboration that is based on –a high level of solution seeking.
3. Every day, you have a brand new 24 hours for the capacity to grow, reveal, innovate and transform. Taking this small framework to carve out the necessary time for self-reflection and self-awareness is crucial to solving some of the largest problems for the world.