Here's The Name You Selected For The Book! - Neeta Bhushan

Here’s The Name You Selected For The Book!

“Good thoughts are no better than good dreams unless they are executed.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve been understanding the landscape of Asia for the last 3 months, between Malaysia, Indonesia, & India the complexities that arise with cultural perspectives and emotional GRIT intelligence is one that excites me.

But, this matches my bigger intention for this 2016 which has been to deepen my understanding of eastern philosophy & practices with regards to leadership.

How much fear-based leadership runs through our veins in the western world, and how our current state of political affairs is only brooding more separation, more bigotry, and violence.

In my own life as a former healthcare professional, cosmetic dentist, for the 10 years plus training- as doctors we experience fear-based leadership first hand. Being “validated” only by our memorization skills, and our right answers. And of course deathly-afraid and conditioned not to make mistakes or not have our facts correct. Ultimately, Driving our egos sky high and our emotional awareness buried internally or virtually non-existent.

To think from a list of a given set of principals and then to govern our practices in a certain way to fuel the machine of the external attachments to gain monetary success, accolades, awards and other traditional success stories that would come along for the ride.

Human dynamics and the “why” behind the actions that we choose isn’t even something taught nor explored. Even in these parts of the world, where we are driven to earn the approval from our families, and worry what ‘society will think’ or how they will judge our image in the world. Further perpetuating the school validation culture of the “smarter” you sounded the better in the “box”, and the more boasting you can do for the sake of gaining “recognition” “acceptance” and “credibility”. And by the way what a great for win for our parents, and the sake of ‘their legacy’.

But who are you living for again? For you or for them? (just checking =).

How it’s shaped our current state of the leadership that exists within leading our own lives, our businesses, and even our economies- has stripped the very necessary characteristics of authenticity and vulnerability that make us human- and is desperately missing. In that connection which allows for imperfection, and courage to persist is crying out for new leadership.

From doctors, dentists, CEOs, executives, and our own government- fears run rampant and we have forgotten to allow compassion in our hearts for the communities that we lead.

And this is what we are to pass down to our next generation?

So, after 10 or so titles, wanted to say a big thank you to you all in helping decide on the title!

Making Emotional GRIT and the journey of self-awareness and the steps to taking action easy for anyone. This is how we are to reframe our thinking, and be revolutionary when we are living authentically.

Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, & change your world.

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