How To Overcome Feelings Of Anxiety - Neeta Bhushan

How To Overcome Feelings Of Anxiety

Don’t wait til fight or flight kicks in to practice mindful breathing to help away with anxiety. Remember to pause… often. This is when we check in with ourselves to assess how we are feeling. We all feel overwhelmed at times so it’s important to have these tools on hand when needed.

Anxiety often feels worse at work since we can be under pressure and not having the ability to always express ourselves in front of our friends, family or colleagues in fear of judgement. It can often happen around holidays, when we are seeking human connection. Let’s be honest….Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time to be alone. In these moments, you have the ability to navigate your way through these feelings and emotions.

To overcome feelings of anxiety, a meditation or breathe work practice is key. Sit tall and upright in a comfortable seated position. Place one hand on the chest and one hand on the belly. Take a deep breathe through the nose, expanding the diaphragm. Inflate with plenty of air to fill the lungs then slowly release. For this abdominal breathing exercise, repeat for 6-10 deep, slow breathes.

This breathing technique is best before a stressful event such as an interview, presentation, date, difficult conversation or any social situation, to help away with anxiety!