Positive Psychology: Experiencing Transition & Breaking Through Fear

Positive Psychology: Experiencing Transition & Breaking Through Fear

We’ve heard it time and time again… change is good!! Then why something is it surrounded with anxiety and FEAR! Fear that you may fail? Fear that things may be uncomfortable? This one is much easier said than done but when we embrace our failures, we always learn a new lesson. It’s difficult to get to this very point because shame is standing in the way. We may feel embarrassed that we didn’t succeed or we don’t want to be perceived as someone who fails or doesn’t “follow through” or that it’s not OK to be in between things or going through a transition. BUT when we allow ourselves to follow our hearts, change naturally comes. Now embracing that change is a different story. During these moments of transitions, remember to slow down to actually take in and experience these feelings. So how does positive psychology actually work in these moments?

During these moments of transitions, remember to slow down to actually take in and experience these feelings. Growth depends on having a strong self-awareness. When we can connect with ourselves and sit with our failures, we allow ourselves to feel the feelings surrounding failure but then pick back up and move on from there. Onward and upward, right? Having a strong self-awareness means that we acknowledge the good with the bad as well as our strengths and weakness. It’s OK to admit weakness and it’s OK to admit failure yet many of us tend to shy away from these feelings and in transition, these feelings are presented and look us right in the face.

Change can be tied up with old feelings from the past but with positive psychology, we can make leaps and bounds. Know that those feelings of fear come from the fear of making the same mistakes again or falling back into that pattern. Fear that you may not have made the right choice this time around. With positive psychology, we can acknowledge these feelings and know that it is an important part of the puzzle, in order to succeed. When we recover from failure, we open up to a world new possibilities and experiences. By experiencing change, we tend to become more empathetic and understanding of other people’s experiences as well. Change pushes us beyond our comfort zones to help us reach out potential. Sometimes if we haven’t made these important decisions in life, we would have never tried something new! This is the feeling of being BOUNDLESS.

Here are 3 ways to use positive psychology to break through fear and step into GREATNESS. This is YOUR moment to live your life.

1. Stop Making Excuses! Take the plunge and try something new. Excuses mean you’re not taking ownership of your desires. Yes, change can be scary but put those excuses aside and take action!
2. Practice acceptance and patience. Acceptance is the answer to dealing with change. Sometimes change needs time to adjust itself and so do you! Allow the time to experience the adjustment period and be kind to yourself.
3. Recognize the power of choice! This is a HUGE one and something we often take for granted. You always have the choice and the power to create your own path.