Success Stories of Dr. Neeta Bhushan

EmotionalGRIT is a true calling for helping the next generation live beyond stories and circumstances, thus creating a shift in the world once we reframe our thinking.

Gina Otto,, CEO, Founder & International Speaker

EmotionalGRIT is what men and women need to understand the importance of being human, and regaining what it means to pause in today’s fast paced life.

Anthony Trucks,
Former NFL player, Author, CEO Renew University

Neeta illuminates pure radiance through her work. She is bold, powerful, and the future of women

Ajit Nawalkha,
Mindvalley & Evercoach Co-Founder & Serial Investor

Loving yourself is the best thing you can teach for today’s world. Neeta embraces this elegantly.

Kute Blackson,
Author of You.Are.The.One.

To influence character you need to be open to challenging your internal thought process, Emotional GRIT gives you that training in a practical & tangible way.

Reed Berglund,
Founder/CEO Fullbottle, San Francisco CA

EmotionalGRIT is the new type of GRIT and a call to action for more heart-centered leaders, and more importantly how you will lead your life.

Andrew Hewitt,
CEO GameChangers500

I know Neeta is extremely busy, she reminds me of myself- constantly doing. So I knew I could relate to her. I knew I could trust her. For my rational mind, I trust her exponentially, her femininity really brings me to a kind of woman that I admire. In everything that she has unfortunately gone through, parts of it I could definitely see in myself, what I kept on chasing, what I prevented from allowing in. She is the perfect person to teach this course for women.

Lais O,
Co-Founder 8spaces, Brazil

Neeta has given me so much confidence to realize perfection is a lie. Growing up leading and mentoring beauty pageants, perfection has been one of the main things I have struggled with. I trust Neeta because genuineness is in every cell of her body. As a coach myself, I would hire Neeta in a heartbeat to be my coach- she fully understands human psychology being a doctor, but also has gone through her own experiences and is truly devoted in helping you uncover your own journey. Don’t think twice, sign up for a course, get her best-selling book, and watch the change unfold in your life.

Nina R,
Leadership Coach, Bulgaria

Neeta is the perfect example of ladyboss, badass, pure heart, and pure light. As a coach, healer, and visionary- I’ve worked with countless people and just listening to her in how she solves problems and keeps you on track is everything that I needed, but I was always too afraid to fully focus on. You will definitely gain a different perspective in yourself with working with her, learning from her, and how it affects your business and your outlook on life.

Leyla S.,
Standing Light Lightstyle Brand, New York City

Neeta inspires every person she encounters in a span of seconds. Her authenticity, and her desire to help others become better versions of themselves is how she wears her passion on her sleeve. If you have a chance to work with her, have her speak to your group (just like we did here), do not think twice. She’s highly knowledgeable in merging her life experience, charisma, brain and social science, and her love of people. We’ve even tried to have her live here so she can serve our clients too!

Melanie P,
Co-founder Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand

Dr. Neeta is someone I wouldn’t think twice about. She fully understands from a female perspective, asian perspective on the taboos, internal conflicts, and issues we can face in society. She’s not afraid to push you to think better for yourself. She is a powerhouse in helping you reach your goals. She has done the work, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and gives you permission to be yourself, despite what family or society may want from you.

Tash Fine Jewelers, Bangkok Thailand

Dr. Neeta is someone I can definitely relate to, she’s highly approachable and has done the work. Unfortunately life has given her real lessons which she has both by experience and discovery that she’s willing to teach you with so much passion.

Varin G,
Former Financial Executive, Singapore

Here’s what people are saying about Neeta

Within minutes you feel an immediate connection with Neeta. She is an extraordinary human being, with a passion for shifting the way we think, respond, and are with ourselves and with others. She resonates well to both men and women. Don’t think twice, attend, subscribe, get her courses- you will be VERY glad you did.

S Former HR Executive London

Neeta is the embodiment of fierce, compassionate, grace. She is thoughtful in how she crafts your transformation because she has been there. For so many of us female leaders trying to achieve this sense of perfection, she has nailed this beautifully and is someone to continuously learn from.

Jessica M,
Co-founder, Lean IN Asia, Kuala Lumpur

She’s great pointing things out that you don’t want to hear. Neeta lives her life as being boundless. Because she has had so many different experiences she is well aware of being a lady in a masculine world, maintaining grace in her femininity. Her courses, workshops, and talks are extraordinary for any woman feeling stuck. You cannot go wrong with this choice, a no brainer.

Lifestyle Marketing Influencer, San Francisco CA

Vulnerability, compassion & empathy the ethos of Emotional GRIT provides an opportunity for leaders and everyday people to become better humans.

Whitney Smith,
Founder Girls For A Change/Skoll Center for Entrepreneurship

This is the future of collaboration, when we move past our limitations and discover the potential to truly solve challenges in the world, which starts with mastering your emotional intelligence GRIT.

Dr. Harbeen Arora ,
Founder/CEO All Ladies League, Women’s Economic Forum.

EmotionalGRIT understanding emotional strength is pivotal to the state of our mental health and is crucial for the next generation.

Matt Reimann,
CEO, Shae, Founder Ultimate Human Foundation

EmotionalGRIT creates a platform where compassion & empathy is at our core in problem-solving and building better communities, closer families, and stronger relationships.

Novalena Betancourt,
Betancourt, CEO & Author Total Female Package

Leaders & entrepreneurs have difficulty showing vulnerability which attacks the core of trust, Emotional GRIT is an opportunity to enable a different approach of thinking.

Sanjay Singhal,
Founder Audiobooks, Venture Capitalist

Millenials are in need of connection, purpose, & curiosity. The EmotionalGRIT book redefines what it looks like in every aspect of your life.

Yasmine El Baggari,
Founder Voyaj, Forbes 30 under 30