Recapping My Time In India - Neeta Bhushan

Recapping My Time In India

It’s been 3 weeks in India in representing as the US delegate for the global Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi.

Oh mother India, last time I was here a few years ago I was healing after my divorce, and terrified to face some parts of my extended family who were fully ashamed of my decisions and what ‘society would think’ and didn’t embrace it- some even hiding it from even their closest relatives (and husbands) 🙈 #truthbomb. 😮

While being here there have been an onslaught of mixed emotions. Yet, my duty and responsibility to help shed light on these cultural issues is magnanimous for the future leaders and next generation in this part of the world.

Yes, and while we live in the most progressive century of our time – New Delhi has its surreal charm. On the one hand the pinnacle of a booming epicenter of a new economy, the new rich. While on the other hand the ‘taboos’ and the oppression and violence women face is still a freaking reality.

This is where the egos can be placed to the side to invite a softer approach for a more heart-centered and compassionate humanity.

So proud to be the voice for what I’m now realizing what very few women, no matter how accomplished, how many accolades, or badges of merit they may wear. That is, fear of sharing their truth. The not so glamorous parts about ourselves that make us uniquely human.

The ability to be vulnerable and release the complexities behind the beautiful lens of our fancy wardrobe, done up eyelashes, brightly whitened smiles :), that state that insists “we have it all together”.

Representing the delegation from the US with 1600 all from 91 countries at the ALL Women Economic Forum has been redefining identity of the perfect daughter: what it means to every woman.

The truth is, on this stage, leading the panel with four other women exposing the high stakes of “perfect daughter” has on society.

With the relationships we have, the lives we lead, and even the company & friendships we keep. Each of these women broke free from those “stories” and embraced the beauty of these life lessons- as through many times our greatest pain becomes our largest blessings. The teachings of our responsibility to be emotionally aware of the “stories” of our lives embedded in the cultural constructs and societal obligations.

One woman mentioned to me at our evening session, you chose this life to teach you about the strength you wish to invoke in others… Perhaps, life truly happens for you, not to you.

My general speeches, lectures and panel of all centered around emotional grit intelligence for the future of leadership in our own lives, understanding the stories we have, and moving past the perfect daughter mindset. Together with, All Ladies League, bringing a greater collective to help change the mindset to advance the future state of women globally.

My mission in Asia is only beginning. Grateful to share this journey with each of you.

#letsdothis #emotionalgrit #empathybasedleadership 💪🏽 👏🏽🙏🏽 #namaste