Shamelessly Fierce, That's you. - Neeta Bhushan

Shamelessly Fierce, That’s you.

STEP INTO GREATNESS is now coming to the UK for an exclusive London Edition.

So, I’ve got a few questions for you… Are you finally ready to embark on a journey of growth & limitless potential?

Ready to push others to the side, quiet the sideline noise and finally make room for you to finally move up or scale up – personally and professionally? We are in a season of spring cleaning, new beginnings, and major reflection time…

Have you thought about building a solid internal resilience plan that you’ve avoided so that you can finally let go of your fears? Or perhaps you have one already… How’s that going for you (distractions for busyness, alcohol meetups, secret drug binges, retail therapy, or food coping mechanisms don’t last in the long run ;-).

Maybe this is the turning point, the crossroads for you finally to turn your side hustle into your main hustle, seek transition or just break from your exhaustive burn out.

You… my dear- as well as the thousands of people that I’ve helped around the globe have been at this exact crossroads.

I believe too many barriers to success already exist and your limitations and challenges that have led you beautifully to the point of taking FULL Action.

So, let this be your invitation to change your course and direction. Join me in London, for an exclusive 1 day resilience training, and be a better leader of your life, regardless if you believe you are or not. You are here because you are shamelessly curious, and this 1 day event is coming exclusively to YOUR town after having been around the world in 7 cities, and 3 countries.

Yep, I’m best-selling author & global strategist dedicated to giving you lovely humans access to best practices and tricks of the trade from a woman who has been there and done that, in a very safe, fun space for you to focus on YOURSELF & grow.

– It’s about realizing that once you are able to lean past your story and live with authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity, and compassion, you can finally have a fulfilled life that YOU run, and that doesn’t RUN you…

– Learn how to finally conquer your fears, self-doubts, & negative thoughts to finally live your message, say NO proudly, and increase your communication skills have better relationships at work and in your life.

– Cultivate a deeper understanding of your unique blueprint to become extraordinary. This is the school of life we did not have, has now arrived.

– Don’t just live- but T H R I V E, embrace the pitfalls of failure & kick out the imprisonment of perfection so that you can grow, reveal, innovate, and transform. (GRIT baby).

This is for you, if you’re ready to commit to a different part of you beaming to emerge. Details: At the swanky- hipster premier Hoxton, Holborn (part of the Soho group) April 29th & 30th in London so that you can enhance your personal, professional or entrepreneurial journey.

Finally- an open call to Thrive In Life, Your Way.

To score your seat,