Shift Out Of Fear & Remember Thoughts Becoming Things - Neeta Bhushan

Shift Out Of Fear & Remember Thoughts Becoming Things

Lovelies! Yes, we are still talking about FEAR since this is a big topic with multiple layers. It’s an emotion that shows its face, every single day. We know how to identify fear and how it shows up in our bodies but how can we take this deeper – next level and shift our mindset. It’s true, thoughts become things and we have the power to manifest change.

The thoughts surrounding fear can really disconnect us from the present moment and our body tends to respond as if it’s under attack – which is exactly the point when we go into fight or flight mode. The goal here is to find your way back to the present moment, using your breathe AND your thoughts. Shift your mindset from fight or flight to knowing that you are safe.

How often do we get stuck in negative thought patterns in all areas of our lives?

“I’m not good enough at my job.”
“I’m not happy with the way that I look.”
“I should have more money.”
“I should be more successful.”

To step into greatness and truly be boundless, it all starts with mindset. Success in every aspect of our lives begins with our mindset. This is the key to shifting out of fear and unlocking your potential. We learn to let go of fears and negative thought patterns. We begin to break habits and make change when we find ourselves in that cycle. If you believe you are destined to fail, you probably will. If you believe you will win, you will get that job, you will find freedom… you will!

Begin to start believing in the best possible scenario for you and everything will start to fall into place. Step Into Greatness!