Sold my million dollar business at 32, here's why - Neeta Bhushan

Sold my million dollar business at 32, here’s why

Yes. It’s been in the works. It began a year ago after I had launched another real estate business on the side, and then also dabbling and building out my passion for women and girls through Independent Awakening, while creating a mastermind women’s group of high-ambitious female entrepreneurs called Chicago Fireside Chat, and launching a nationwide advocacy campaign across college campuses around self-love and self worth #ilovemyselfie.

Realizing my ‘excellence’ was dentistry, but my creative ‘genius’ was just beginning to take form. I kept traveling to the west coast, taking on different types of personal growth seminars, surrounding myself with mentors from different industries and global world leaders listening to their stories of transformation of how they decided to shift careers and pursue their passions. This began to light me up in indescribable ways. As a healthcare professional, I wasn’t used to seeing this- and my appetite grew to learn from my mentors and heroes who’ve tapped into an elevated version of themselves outside my tiny window of my dental profession. It slowly became my mission to impact as many humans as possible- and as my mentor mentioned to me after a world changing week at Burning Man (a festival of 78,000 people coming together to create community, share perspectives, collaborate on ideas, and revel in art forms) ‘you know when it’s time when most of what lights you up is the thing you are doing more of’. Realizing the missing piece and the link throughout all of this was learning to develop our emotional intelligence. This muscle we have, we just aren’t taught in school how to build it up, and only happens through trial/error/experience and failures.

Growing up in a filipino indian household to tiger parents the image of perfection, success, and education were the fundamental ideals and the norm. The enormous pressure to perform dance & piano plus bring home the straight A’s was expected. It was only after I lost both of my parents and brother to medical diseases in my teenage years and then getting married and divorced to embark on my own personal quest to shed this image of the “perfect daughter” I had grown up with- well I was still trying to make my parents proud.

As the majority of women in our Chicago Fireside mastermind would join in monthly, and after 16 months of its inception growing from 7 women in my living room to over 100 in our community- over half of these women were leaving their jobs, relationships to embark on their passions. After witnessing the tremendous growth, and helping these women enhance their own Independent Awakening and step into their greatness- it was time for me to stop playing small and clear my table to fully focus on my next chapter.

Once I fully realized that success isn’t measured up by the amount in your bank account, and it wasn’t until I was willing to walk away from the million dollar home, profession, and saving face in a traditional indian marriage- that true wealth comes from recognizing what makes you come alive. That it isn’t about the legacy or the expectations of what others want you to be.

As you can see the pattern through all of this isn’t about the money. The money can be your driver which may  tend to hold people back from pursuing their gifts, their passion, and ultimately their genius. When the fire within you takes shape it catapults you into the direction of resilience, grit, and willpower to birth the magic within you.

What defines your success at the moment?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I’d love to answer more questions on this- since this is a topic so many of you have personally reached out to me about- and I’m SO thankful. Would love to help and respond to your feedback!

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