Epic Leaders 1 Day - LIVE training comes to Chicago October 3rd from 9-6.

Epic Leaders 1 Day – LIVE training comes to Chicago October 3rd from 9-6.

You asked for it! Chicago, we are coming for you.

Fall Back Into GREATNESS in Chicago October 3rd

Super excited to begin the US tour in my hometown.

It’s because of the very lessons I’ve learned from my own resilience as a Doctor, growing my million dollar practice as a business owner, gaining the courage to leave my unhealthy marriage, lead multiple teams, and break free from being the ‘perfect daughter’- all of which have propelled my mission to empower you to Step Into Greatness- without the fear and the stress…

and it begins with the lessons we don’t learn in school.

Calling all Epic Leaders, ready to get back on track for serious transformation.

Uncover your Emotional Confidence at this 1 day LIVE interactive immersion – Step out of fear & into greatness

Do you currently struggle with the following?

  • As “busy” leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, moms, CEOs are you in this boat of constantly adding more to our ‘to do’ list every single day?
  • Bombarded with emails, events, obligations, and the list goes on. Where you don’t even have time for yourself?
  • Do you constantly strive for PERFECTION in every aspect of your life?

Here’s what happens…

  • Affects our ability to love ourselves – because we are in search of ‘something’ or someone’s
    approval, their validation, that we put our desires last.
  • Makes us deathly afraid to make mistakes, to fail, to leave a relationship, to settle for less than
    we deserve, to be around people that are toxic and unhealthy. It makes us afraid of the unknown
    because we just can’t seem to control it.
  • That it takes away our power to communicate what WE want because we are so focused on pleasing other people (our boss, our friends, our families, significant others) and we are mentally and emotionally drained and exhausted… for FEAR of disappointing them…

Once we harness our Emotional Confidence, it begins to spill over and transform into every aspect of our lives.

Attention, Game-changers, Ambitious do-good-ers you ready to amplify your life? Here’s what’s on the FULL day agenda:

Be around a small and intimate group, as you transform throughout the day together, and leave with some amazing transformation and a brand new community.

  • First, Learn the importance of Self-Love and what Putting Yourself FIRST Truly means. So that you can give
    yourself permission to live a life you love.
  • Develop long lasting tools to instantly shed the image of perfection in all areas your life.
  • Learn simple steps to practicing the art of saying NO, and learn to create boundaries for yourself to become an effective communicator, and leader (it begins with you!).
  • Learn to harness your emotions without the need for the ‘self-soothing’ mechanisms (emotional
    eating, drugs, alcohol, sweets, shopping…)
  • Learn how to break free from the expectations of society, friends, family, boss, significant others
  • Learn how to break up with toxic relationships
  • Gain the tools to shed the image of perfection, embrace your failures, and release the anxiety and
    constant pressures

So… we are only taking a LIMITED number of of applications for the full day event- the VIP event is a for serious game changers begins the night before.

Ready for transformation?

Take the first step, and apply here if you’re ready… stepintogreatness.co

Your LIVE EVENT takeaways:

  • Break-free from the expectations of others, society, family obligations, so that you can understand the incredible value of your worth and not measure it on what others think of you.
  • Recognize your self-worth & be unapologetically you so that you don’t ever have to feel
    guilty about the decisions that you make.
  • Stop allowing others to take advantage of you, learning how to create your boundaries so you
    can stop being a people pleaser, and focus on yourself first.
  • Learning how to say NO, and gain the GRIT to protect yourself so you can say goodbye and
    release the toxic relationships in your life.
  • How to reduce the amount of stress & anxiety, so that you can finally achieve the potential that has been ultimately holding you back from stepping into greatness.

Are you ready to take the first step?

APPLY HERE >>: http://stepintogreatness.co/
See you there…

PS… Here’s what some other amazing humans had to say from the live event…

“I grew up as model thinking validation came from all of my years in the fashion industry with the next gig I was getting, and being around environments that were toxic to my soul. In Neeta’s authentic approach to being vulnerable, and teaching the simple ways that we forget to learn how to love ourselves was HUGE for me. In my businesses, and in my own personal life. It’s something I commend her for that can impact SO many especially in my industry.”

“Dr. Neeta is extraordinary, captivating and uplifting. In her own life breaking through the cultural norms of traditional modes of success, while utilizing her hardships as fuel and momentum to tackle taboo subjects like emotional strength and confidence are the pivotal pieces missing for the next generation. Take the course! It’s an absolute must!”

“As a CEO and female entreprenuer, I work with several brands daily that want to share their voice and stories to the world. But what is often missing is being unashamed of what makes them unique. Neeta is incredible at this, being able to allow us and be a role model that we can still be imperfectly perfectand her teachings motivate us to step into greatness with all the color and contrast in our stories. Absolutely recommend!”

“I’ve always struggled with vulnerability. As an overachiever, and consistent perfectionist I’ve found it hard to let me guard down. Working for the series where we encounter tons of speakers only bringing in the best, and then finding Neeta her caliber, her messaging is exactly what our generation needs to give ourselves permission. Being on the other side in taking the course gave me a huge perspective and now I give myself at least 5 minutes a day and that’s a lot!”