Super Sprint Dive - Neeta Bhushan

Super Sprint Dive

So… You may be a professional, leader, entrepreneur, curious author, or in transition.

It’s time. You’ve thought about it. You’ve lost thousands of hours on people, ideas that haven’t materialized, or too many visions all at once. Not to mention, the same redundant cycle over and over again repeating patterns that have been holding you back from where you stand today.

Perhaps spiraling into circumstances which aren’t in your control, or emotional patterns that control you. As a result, you may be harboring a lot of guilt, or the ‘what ifs’, or I’m smarter than this, ‘I got this’. But what you really ‘got’ are nothing but fears of failing, challenges of perfection, or countless visions/maps/pathways- yet absolutely zero time to execute. On top of that, the obligations that perpetually hold you back from carving out who you are meant to be. You’re stuck in the same perpetual cycle, which you know you can break. Yet, life happens and you think it will ‘get better’.

The goal is simple.

Focus on development of yourself emotionally first. Once that initial framework and foundation is completely solid and crystal clear it will spill over in all other arenas of your life. Providing yourself with a master blueprint with the essential tools and building blocks, so that you can lead your life with enthusiasm, and confidence!

Whether it’s scaling your business, writing your first book and getting on the best-seller’s list, building & training your dream team, or unraveling your next business vision.

I invite you for a different kind of 1 on 1 experience. Grounded in soul, mastering your talents, creating your skills for a massive shift in your life.

If you want to create your best life

Spread your voice, and create massive influence by taking your ideas to extraordinary heights; while living an effervescent and full life that you are in the driver’s seat and ultimate architect for being the best you…

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So… are you ready

for some deep-diving, soul-mapping, highly transformational experiences that require you to get crystal clearly curious at understanding you, uncovering old and limiting belief systems, patterns that have prevented you from moving into greater heights, while strengthening your desires and developing concrete strategy and roadmap for your evolution, and having strong accountability that will get you there.

Working with Fortune 500 executives, to silicon valley talent, professionals, doctors, wannapreneurs, to ladybosses- I can assure you the beginning process is similar, yet each experience is wildly different. If you are the right candidate, here’s a glimpse of what we may peak into…

1. Why – Unravel the most important question, why & what? #youfirst
2. Truth – Let’s get CLEAR of your authentic purpose.
3. Release – Nail down the FEARS that are holding you back #conquer
4. Uncover. Assess strengths & weaknesses, partnering with that ego
5. Reveal – Old thought patterns/and your belief systems, strengths, & weaknesses
6. Dig– dive into insecurities, clear all road blocks
7. Confidence – Practice makes perfect, BOLD tools so that you are #fierce
8. Strategy – An action plan for implementation of your BIG outcomes.

How does it work?

Our team is standing by to help aid on what’s right for you at the moment. I only work with a few specific businesses at a time so it’s important to list All of your objectives in what you wish to gain from our working together. Your time Is valuable, therefore if it feels like it’s not the right match we will direct you with plenty Of resources. We wish to take care of YOU!

SO… what are you waiting for. Our team is standing by to see if we can work together.