The Perfect Daughter in the workplace. Yea YOU! - Neeta Bhushan

The Perfect Daughter in the workplace. Yea YOU!

Are you constantly wanting to please everyone around you?

Will you go above and beyond what’s required of you, exceed your boss’s expectations of you to gain approval/validation/brownie points/kudos?

Are you constantly trying to be the superhero superwoman?

Join the club… It’s exhausting!

The truth is we all have had this sense of ‘the perfect daughter’ in our lives.

It’s something we’ve grown up with, and the expectation we have to be perfect and maintain this ‘ideal woman’ in every capacity, and then we are our own biggest critiques when we fall short of (fill in the blank)…

Today, please give yourself permission to beautifully be you. It’s okay to let your hair down, because the truth is- not EVERYthing on your to do list will get done.

3 tips to store in your purse, or back pocket =).

  1. Prioritize your list. What needs to absolutely get done today, what would be *ideal, and what needs to be done but can wait…
  1. Practice gratitude. What DID work well for you today ( 3 things), it’s easier for us to celebrate our wins so the perfect daughter within us isn’t so hard on ourselves!
  1. Write a list of 10 affirmations about yourself. So next time you may not need the validation that you seek in the workplace since you have your own list that you whip out throughout the day on how amazing and incredible you are! (It sounds funny, but we SO deserve praise- and why not get it from ourselves since WE matter the absolute most!)

If you’ve got other tips to share on battling the art of perfection, the ideal woman, and perfect daughter in the workplace please share! I would love to get to know what you are currently facing, and it would mean so much for other overachievers who are also battling this challenge. Thanks always in advance for your support!

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