The REAL reason why I moved from Chicago... - Neeta Bhushan

The REAL reason why I moved from Chicago…

Growing up in the big city my entire life, the curiosity to explore outside of Chicago has been inside of me since high school.

I guess also coupled with the strong desire for freedom having grown up so fast becoming a caretaker at the age of 10 years old left me with family obligations to take care of my father and brother when I mom was sick and dying of cancer.

A small sliver of Chicago teased me when I was accepted to all of my dream universities all across the states. But since my brother DJ who was 16 months younger than me died suddenly from a violent asthma attack one year after my mother passed away… There was absolutely no way I could leave my family. I sacrificed my freedom to serve as a wife to my father and a mother to my brother Vinay.

To compensate, I would always seek out travels around the world- what helped was coming from a Filipino Indian background- visits to both countries always left my insatiable appetite thirsting for more expansion and growth.

Therefore, travel was my outlet. I even structured my dental practice, work ethics and hours to reflect this innate passion of mine to explore the world in doses.

After healing from my divorce now 3.5 years, it’s time I personally embark on the next phase of my life. Instead of dipping my feet into my love of California- the warm weather (can you blame me =) over the last few years coupled with being surrounded by my community of greatness (which is so vital to us thriving at our best versions of ourselves) it was time to truly Step into my greatness.

There’s definitely this feeling of excitement- the same excitement my aunts felt along with many of my relatives when they embarked from their respective countries into new unchartered waters, making new friends, new beginnings- which I now have come to appreciate ever SO much. Will share more on this soon.

In the meantime, what’s your favorite moving story? Which city? Or are you currently contemplating a move?

Share your thoughts below, we can compare notes! Lots of love!

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