The secret is out... - Neeta Bhushan

The secret is out…

Okay.  So I am writing a book. Many of you have asked, sent me private messages about it, some of you ghost writers have offered your help, friends have alluded to it, and so I finally figure I should share another BIG update… SECRET is out…=).

With all of the colorful happenings, 2015 has been quite the year!

Solo First time Asian Sabbatical, Marrying myself on the southern tip of Bali, moving from Chicago for the first time, selling my healthcare business, retiring from my profession as a cosmetic dentist (still getting messages about this!), charting my first speaking tour, and creating my first ecourse… my early 30s could not be anymore chock full of surprises, adventures, and spontaneity.

Never imagined that after leaving my marriage at 29 (or traditional external means of success & life), things would blossom serendipitously and I’d be teaching & inspiring change among thousands around the world as a result…

So… I thank you. Thank you for yet another layer peeling away, and this new found momentum. See, when you’re in FLOW, when things in your life are in alignment and you are serving at your highest level (for me that’s passion & purpose), I’ve found things naturally fall into place. Obviously self-love and self-care are HUGE components of this in my world… Synchronicity, (my awesome and loving global) community, and the alignment work alongside with each of you. Of course there must be effort, understanding our emotional confidence in the process- but the doors begin opening when YOU are open to evolving . It’s been quite the learning experience (but isn’t that the beauty of life).

Being vulnerable, and having the courage to fail & make mistakes (many times and my ‘perfect daughter self’ still gets in the way) and learn from them to only tighten our wheels and broaden our vast experiences of life…

Do I still struggle as an Asian-overachieving legacy driven female- if I AM enough? Sure of course… But the beauty is every single day I get to check in and make sure I’m offering some valuable lessons to help you grow as well in the process,  and as a result we all benefit (right!).

So now I guess my question turns to you, my fb family… If you were me, what do you think I should be writing about?

What would you want to know? Let me know in the comments below!