Tribute to YOU - Emotional GRIT Bootcamp for 35% Off - Cyber Monday Only - Neeta Bhushan

Tribute to YOU – Emotional GRIT Bootcamp for 35% Off – Cyber Monday Only

This weekend, you can indulge yourselves with all of the external items, but let’s be real: the journey of deep gratitude and thanksgiving starts with ‘giving to yourself first’.

What I mean by this is the gift of Emotional Intelligence begins with mastering yourself as a leader, significant other or a badass partner in crime. =).

Something that I learned when I was in the deepest parts of my own ‘story’. I needed to focus on myself, take the time to fully invest in what my purpose, action, and moving past my ‘stuff’.

So, only THIS weekend the Emotional GRIT 8 week digital course will be available for you at 35% off because I SO believe in making sure that everyone can gain the tools to harness the lessons that we DON’T learn in school. which is beyond essential in radiating at our highest level in every single aspect of your lives.

Are you ready to join the 35K others mastering their GRIT?

So, if you are looking for the perfect gift, share this course with your family, friends, and loved ones- so that they can also begin elevating the world around them.

The course is $497, but with the coupon code GREATGRIT35 (case-sensitive), it’s yours for $323



PS. When you order the course, you will get the Emotional GRIT GUIDEBOOK ($35 value) as well.

PPS. Take action by clicking on this link now to get more information about the Emotional GRIT fully digital and complete online course right away, to begin stepping into your greatness.