Why I became a Dentist… a Cosmetic Dentist… - Neeta Bhushan

Why I became a Dentist… a Cosmetic Dentist…

I grew up with tiger parents, my mom was from the Philippines, and my dad was from India.

So from my Asian lineage and as ‘the perfect daughter’ I had to be perfect for my pageant queen mom, and perform top notch in school with my education driven father. The combination of the two was a potent combination for obtaining perfection as the perfect daughter… in everything.

Therefore began my quest early in my teens as one of my first jobs when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer was a receptionist position at a nearby dental clinic. I was 15 years old answering phones and making appointments.

His name was Dr. Horbal (yes, exactly how it sounds!)- I learned quickly that I needed to earn the patients trust for them to come into the office since they were outright scared once I mentioned his name! This became a game for me, as well as an outlet to make other people happy since my personal world wasn’t so bright as my mom was dying with cancer.

Fast forward… so what’s the typical career choice for an indian-filipino girl? Doctor, Engineer, lawyer, Dentist… So, I thought that’s what my passion was- helping others obtain perfection through removing their pain, and enhancing their smiles as a result which then often improved their quality of life, self-confidence and self-worth. A cosmetic dentist was born since the art of perfection and being ‘perfect’ in the eyes of my mother was something I strived for- when I was young. I seeked her validation, and I knew early on how to sparkle for others. I CRAVED her approval. This only carried on with me as an adult, seeking perfection in my grades, education, accolades, piano & dance competitions and recitals- it was only natural that I strived to make perfection in creating happiness for other people.


But! Today… I have broken up with the expectations of living into the ghosts of my past (namely my parents expectations and their life). I’ve put those expectations to rest.

It’s taken a while, but it’s a journey and it takes time.

So, is there something that you need to ‘put to rest’? Are you at a proverbial fork in the road? Make a list of 5 things of what you would be doing if time nor money were not an issue? GO!

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